Songstress and Actress Jovan Marie Starting To Gain Recognition

January 19 18:39 2022

Creator, EP, Actor, Baron Jay and Actress/Singer Jovan Marie

Creator, EP, Actor, Baron Jay and Actress/Singer Jovan Marie

Jovan Marie has released her debut single ‘Real Good Love’, a song that is soothing for the mind and soul.

‘Real Good Love’ as a melody intends to hit a little bit differently compared to the abundance of tunes that are currently availabe. “I wanted to make a song that gives the outlooks of both men and women in relationships,” Marie clarifies. “I believe that in order to accurately tell the stories of relationships, one has to reveal both sides. In ‘Real Good Love’, I divulge into the problems a man has with finding someone for him. I even let out the issues I went through in the past, in terms of finding someone for myself. My main objective is to make sure people know that men and women are not at war with each other. Recently I fell in love, so that inspired me to write a song based on the goodness of my new love life”. The song and music video for ‘Real Good Love’, isn’t the only material that Jovan Marie has in store. Marie is releasing a mixtape, where she lends her vocals to different rap and R&B tracks. “When it comes to the mixtape, it’s about embracing challenges”, states Marie. “It helps me grow as an artist.” Marie insists that she doesn’t have a single source or individual that gave her inspiration. Since a child, she drew from a multitude of musical genres. “Everything from orchestras to people humming in the kitchen, inspires me to sing,” mentions Marie. “It’s like I’m programmed to do music.” Jovan, a classically trained singer, like plenty before her, got her start in church. She’s been performing for over twenty years.

Director & EP, Bentley Kyle Evans and Jovan Marie as Syrup on House Out of Order

Another skill that Marie possesses is acting. The role she plays in the upcoming sitcom House Out Of Order, is the singer/bartender, Syrup. “This part was actually something I was familiar with, since I used to sing at a bar in Oakland,” states Marie. “I never knew I’d love acting so much. With acting, I can bring out different aspects of myself. I came from a rough background, but my spirit is gentle. Therefore, when it comes to getting roles, I feel my range is locked in.” Furthermore, Marie didn’t just do her part and leave. She made sure she spoke with those behind the scenes of House Out Of Order, out of curiousity on how the show is put together. “I wanted to talk to everyone, from the producers to the boom operator. I found everyone’s process fascinating.”

Jovan Marie as Syrup on House Out of Order, Comedy Club Scene

“No matter what happens with the music business or my life in general, I’ll keep singing,” says Marie. “The ability to sing is my gift that I’m grateful to have, and humble enough to share. I know for a fact that having that talent, means I’ve already won.”

Jovan Marie, Damian Brown and Rodell Ro’dey rehearsing Bar scene on House Out of Order

In the music business, many artists come and go. However, Jovan Marie is an artist that’s here to stay.

Jovan Marie Inc is in partnership with Kofi Music, Inc. ‘Real Good Love’, is available on all platforms.

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