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January 19 18:42 2022
Local Electrician in Indio CA. Serving all of Riverside County, California explains the ten signs that you should call out a local electrician.

Desert Elite Electric based in Palm Desert, CA who has been recognized as one of the premier electricians in the Coachella Valley has launched an important campaign. The local Indio CA. Electrician explains the 10 Signs You Need To Call a local electrician.

They have launched the campaign to help keep people safe and make people understand when they should call out an electrician instead of ignoring the problem. With more than 50,000 house fires caused by electrical malfunctions each year, with more than $1.3 billion in property damage, it is important to spot the signs of electrical faults.

Here are some signs you need to call an electrician

Fuses keep blowing. If fuses keep blowing and the circuit breaker keeps tripping, then it is important to call out an experienced Indio CA. electrician to investigate.

If an appliance or plug sparks, then it is important to have this looked into straight away. This should not be ignored.

One sign of an electrical fault is if the lights flicker. There could be something wrong with the electric system that needs investigating.

If you come across a hot switch plate or an outlet, then this could be a serious problem. Outlets should never be hot. This problem should not be ignored.

If a light switch or outlet gives you a shock, then this is a serious problem and requires an expert local electrician to investigate. Do not ignore this problem.

A buzzing sound coming from the wall is a sign of a serious electrical problem.

These are just some of the signs that people need to look out for. One of the reasons why there are so many house fires in the USA caused by electrical faults is due to people ignoring the warning signs. By acting immediately, fewer house fires will start with electrical faults.

Desert Elite Electric offers a complete electrical repair service. Since being established they have become one of the most recommended in their field. They have put down their success to listening to their customers and providing a professional and affordable electrical repair service that their customers need and deserve.

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About Desert Elite Electric Inc.

Desert Elite Electric Inc. delivers the best in electrical services. Due to their years of service, they have been recognized as one of the premier electricians in the Indio area. Their goal has never changed, which is to provide quality electrical work that their clients can depend on time and time again.

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