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June 15 22:00 2022

Budha Statue is recognized as the #1 Buddha Statue Apparel & Collectibles store.

Buddha Statues are illustrative of the teachings and travels of Gautama Buddha. While these statues come in all sizes and shapes, each one features common physical attributes, poses, and postures that have particular purposes and connotations. Yet, where the teachings of Buddha are celebrated worldwide, finding the Buddha statues either as a keepsake or for giving as a gift is hard. Fortunately, the Budha Statue Store has a range of classic buddha statues for all those who have reverence for Budha.

Buddha is most often represented in three positions: sitting, standing, or reclining. The store has all those styles of Budha Statues, including hand gestures of the Buddha, called mudras, which indicates teaching, meditation, enlightenment, and wisdom. Customers can also find other the postures of the Buddha, each having a specific meaning. Revealing the mission of the brand, the Founder of Budha Statue stated, “Buddha Statues store was opened with the desire to bring Buddhist publications such as Buddha statues, Buddha paintings, Worship items, Buddhist bracelets, and high-quality products to serve people in need all over the world.

Besides being a great décor accessory, keeping Buddha statue at home also adds wellness, positivity, and serenity to the surrounding. Being associated with peace and tranquility for a very long time, Buddha statues make a matchless gift to loved ones. In fact, gifting a Blessing Buddha or a Protection Buddha is celebrated as a symbol of blessing. Significantly, the Protection Buddha offers safety from delusions and fear and signifies courage. Without a hint of doubt, anyone who receives it as a gift will be forever delighted.

The Budha Statue Store has an assortment of product lines including but not limited to the Budha Prayer Wheel, and Budha Accessories which include clocks, rings, stickers, tattoos, key chains, necklaces, and bracelets. Customers can also find Budha decorations such as wall art, carpets, curtains, flower pots, a fountain, an incense burner, and a tapestrine. And for those who love to wear trendy clothing signifying peace, there are also Budha T-shirts available. Significantly, the Stone Buddha Statue remains to be the brand’s hot seller.

It is to be emphasized that Buddha statues are not just for those who follow Buddhism as a religion. The truth is that more than a form of religion, Buddhism is a state of mind and philosophy. Values like peace, charity, and gift-giving are inherent philosophies of Buddhism. Named dana, Buddha advocates generosity as a selfless and great deed. Thereby, when an individual gets a Budha Statue, it serves as a reminder of the values Budha ingrained. Gift a loved one a Budha collectible to cherish for a lifetime via Budha Statue Store!

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Known as the provider of Original Handmade Buddha Statues, The Buddha Statue® Store is home to a wide variety of Buddha Statue Apparel & Collectibles including rings, key chains, figurines, prayer wheels, and much more.

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