Melia Hoston of Parts On A Dime Recites An IF Poem To Celebrate Father’s Day

June 16 09:08 2022
CEO and founder of Parts On A Dime, Melia Hoston, honors father’s day with an amazing IF poem recitation to appreciate the efforts of men in the auto parts industry

Melia Hoston and the rest of the Parts On A Dime team are unequivocal about their appreciation of the contribution of fathers to the auto parts industry, a claim substantiated by the recitation of a captivating IF Poem by the CEO of the leading online supplier for OEM and value parts.

According to a recent report published by The Business Research Company, the global auto parts market size was valued at $2,336.07 billion in 2021. The report also projected the market size to hit $3,638.77 billion in 2026, with technological advancements expected to continue driving the market. Males have undoubtedly contributed immensely to the growth and evolution of the industry in different capacities, which reiterates the importance of the poetry rendition by Melia Hoston of Parts On A Dime.

Fathers play a major role in the auto parts industry, working as mechanics, car dealers, auto body repair and even restoring classics. The list of men that have practically challenged the status to deliver an amazing experience to all stakeholders in the industry is endless and Melia did well to bring this bear in the IF poem recitation.

Parts On A Dime is known for delivering a wide range of 100% genuine, OEM, and aftermarket parts, and accessories, at prices that that do not require customers to break the bank. The company also has a reputation for caring about dads for their efforts in keeping the family together and providing for their loved ones. Parts On A Dime offers replacement parts and accessories for car brands and models, with a user-friendly online platform to enable customers to easily navigate and place their orders.

For further information about Parts On A Dime and the range of auto parts and accessories offered, visit – Parts On A Dime can also be found across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Parts On A Dime is an online supplier of name brand genuine, OEM, and aftermarket parts, and accessories for several car brands and models. The company has grown to become the trusted and premier source for aftermarket and OEM parts, supplying only the best replacement parts and accessories available.

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