Lenos secures lower bid Ads from Google

June 18 05:39 2022
Lenos secures lower bid Ads from Google
The marketing firm – due to its position as a large agency – was enabled access with lower bid Google Ads CPC after a positive history of over 2 years using Alphabet’s advertising platform. Lenos now joins a handful of other companies having access to lower CPC Google Ads bidding on unsold traffic.

The organic traffic largely outperforms the paid traffic, and for this reason, a considerable amount of paid traffic never gets sold by Google or any other company offering its space to advertisers.

And not every user can set aside hundreds of dollars in their advertising budget to pay for optimized Google Ads campaigns. On top of that, marketing platforms charge an additional fee over the cost of Google Ad Campaigns to funnel traffic towards a specific web page. This fee further adds to the expenses that users and entrepreneurs have to bear for optimal marketing results.

Lenos – as different companies did before – finds an opportunity in this situation by partnering up with Google and offering lower Goolge Ad bidding prices over unsold traffic. A solution which goes to benefit both advertisers who can eventually pay less and Google itself, able to still get profit on unsold Ad space.

The positive impact and reduced price of course also benefits the final individual. What stands out about Lenos is that this popular marketing firm doesn’t only provide cheaper Google Ads but also optimizes them to best match the end goal requirements and to maximize conversion. Even with the optimization fees, the actual expense individuals have to bear is possibly less than directly psetting up their own custom campaign via Google Ads script.

Several weeks of negotiation between Google and Lenos lead to this outcome, with lower bids for Google Ads bidding. The primary objective of these negotiations was to find an optimal spot that allowed Lenos to serve its client base at cheaper rates while maintaining the same phenomenal marketing quality. 

With lower-priced ads, Lenos brings more coverage, improved control over bids, and better customer targeting. The primary objective behind this deal between Google and Lenos was to help individuals and brands scale the reach and traffic of their web presence. There is no debate on how hard it has become to establish a profitable online business in the current hyper-competitive environment. 

While the cheaper rate is the most attractive aspect of this deal, it has also allowed Lenos to benefit from improved targeting and validation. This improvement has sped up the processing timer, and users don’t have to wait long to secure deliveries from this marketing platform.

Find out more at https://lenospress.com/blog/2022/03/31/lenos-seals-a-deal-for-lower-bid-ads-with-google/

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