Novita Diamonds Plans To Enter The New Zealand Lab Diamond Market

August 03 22:16 2022
Novita Diamonds Plans To Enter The New Zealand Lab Diamond Market

NOVITA DIAMONDS is thrilled to announce the launch of its showroom to enter the lab grown diamond NZ market by the end of September. New Zealand consumers have always enjoyed access to the same full range of services and an affordable selection of diamonds and rings as their Australian counterparts. However, New Zealand customers were not able to visit a NOVITA DIAMONDS showroom to view diamonds or ring designs in person, other than through virtual appointments or travelling over to Australia. 

As the worldwide leader in lab diamond rings, NOVITA DIAMONDS offers an unequalled choice and value compared to other diamond companies. Furthermore, by exclusively focusing on man-made diamonds and offering them at exceptionally low prices, they are able to appeal to a growing audience who value sustainability and ethical practices in their purchasing decisions. Natural diamonds are primarily mined in conflict zones such as Congo and Sierra Leone, were forced and illegal mining has led to environmental damage and the death of many forced labourers. These mined diamonds are infamously known as ‘Blood Diamonds’ as a result.

As the founder and director of NOVITA DIAMONDS, Iris Arnold set out to drastically change the diamond industry for the better. Within a very short time, Iris has succeeded in disrupting the complacent mined diamond industry by leveraging the unmet demand of increasingly informed and eco-conscious consumers for an alternative to mined diamonds. Through strong technical leadership and customer service, Iris and her team, 85% of them women, are providing a new generation of customers with sustainable and ethical alternatives to mined diamonds that are up to 75% cheaper and chemically and physically identical. 

As an Australian start-up that is now a leading global diamond retailer, NOVITA DIAMONDS has always made New Zealand a priority, often going to great lengths to make purchases and shipping as seamless as possible for New Zealand shoppers. With the launch of a fully independent Auckland showroom, New Zealand customers will have the full tailored experience, which will include local diamond stock, fast and priority shipping, easy returns, quick cleaning and maintenance, and perhaps most importantly, no import duties.  

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