Brand New Portable Digital Tire Compressor Launched

August 04 19:37 2022

Coolado launches the fastest, portable, semi-professional air pump “tPump XL” which can inflate the tires in a matter of seconds.

Inflate tires when they are cold! According to a study by CE Delft (2019), 51% of motorists still suffer from under-inflation after inflating their tires. The reason? Well, tire manufacturers always give the tire pressure that should be used when the tire is cold, but in practice almost all tires are inflated in warm conditions. This difference means that only 1 in 3 drivers manage to solve the problem of under-inflation. That is dangerous and something you can easily prevent with the Coolado tPump XL

This portable compressor is the fastest tire pump that can be used to inflate tires from bicycles to campers. It is a semi-professional air compressor that is made up of an extremely powerful motor. It consists of two-cylinder engines which make sure that the air can be pumped up fast to 100 PSI or 6.9 BAR. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the tPump XL’s air velocity fills your tires, as well as the tClamp adaptor that connects and detaches rapidly from the wheel valves. This compact version has a powerful lithium battery of 8000 mAh and can also be used as a power bank.

There are several characteristics which make it stand on its own. But the major difference between tPump XL and other pumps available on the market is that it can inflate a bicycle tire in less than 12 seconds. This is one of the most remarkable and unique aspects, found only in this pump. But this is not it, tPump XL can also inflate a car tire by a narrow margin of 2.5 minutes. It is light in weight, only 815 grams, and the compact size allows it to fit perfectly in your hand. These extraordinary features make tPump XL better than the rest of the pumps.

According to our speed tests, tPump Xl fills a Uniroyal 185/70/R14 tire in a minimum of 2:14 min. Whereas tPump X fills it in 13:07 min. The same tire is filled by tPump P in a minimum of 13:28 min. On a single charge, tPump Xl fills 6 tires completely whereas tPump X and P fill only 2 tires. tPump Xl can also fill a whopping number of 63 18-inch bicycle tires whereas tPump X and P can fill only 28 and 26 tires, respectively.

There are also a lot of other differences between all the pumps available at Coolado. Visit the website to compare speed and specs.

This new high-pressure tire pump has a durable robust body that is insulated with rubber. The rubber coating makes it stronger and more resilient to weather changes. It has an LCD which gives a precise reading. It also has a flashlight which can come in handy while pumping air at night. Because of pressure gauges and auto-detection, customers can set the desired pressure and can see the changes in real-time. They can also set the desired unit, PSI, KPA, or BAR.

Once the tire is filled to the desired pressure it stops automatically. It comes with five different adapters. These universal adapters can pump every tire. Whether it be a bicycle or a van, Presta or Dunlop, or even a sports ball. It comes with an AC and DC car charger. The AC wall charger can fully charge the pump in 2 hours. It can also be charged while on the road with the included USB cable.

These air pumps can also help reach ecological and sustainable goals. These smart tire pumps make it easier to fill a tire correctly every time. This helps reduce NOx and CO2 emissions. Less microplastic material is exposed to the environment due to less friction in tires. It also contributes to saving 5% fuel which helps bring a visible change in the environment.

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