Parker Dentist Backed by Friendly Staff at Ardas Family Dental Provides Personalized Dental Care, Smile Restoration, and Preventative Care

August 09 00:43 2022
Ardas Family Dental has served Parker, CO, as a family dental clinic of choice for more than ten years. This friendly dental practice provides patients with the top dental care they deserve. Dr. Roopi Kattaura, who graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry, helmed it.

According to announcements released by Ardas Family Dental and Dr. Roopi Kattaura, this dental office is open to patients of all ages. For more than a decade, families in Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Lone Tree, and South Aurora have relied upon this Parker dentist to deliver the best possible care at affordable rates.

General dentistry services at Ardas Family Dental include dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar deposits. Routine dental checkups at this clinic inform patients of issues with their mouth, teeth, and gums, such as decay or disease. The clinic takes X-rays, if required, to assess oral health problems before these exacerbate. Patients can opt for teeth flossing and polishing.

Parents trust this kid-friendly dental practice because the staff here is kind and patient; it delivers results, educates kids on dental health, and provides preventative dental care practices such as fluoride treatments and teeth cleanings.

Cosmetic dentistry services in Parker offered by Ardas Family Dental include teeth whitening to remove discolorations because of caffeine, sodas, and alcohol. Disease and oral surgery, too, are probable reasons. The clinic has helped many people acquire bright, confidence-boosting smiles through safe and effective techniques.

Over the years, the improvements in dental filling materials and techniques have meant that patients can now obtain durable fillings that are discreet and do not stand out like metal fillings. These tooth-colored fillings allow normal dental functions and healthy teeth without the patient ever getting conscious of their presence.

Onlays, inlays, dental crowns, bridges, and veneers are other cosmetic dentistry techniques available at this clinic.

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At Ardas Family Dental, Dr. Roopi Kattaura offers dental implants to her patients. Dr. Roopi Kattaura of Ardas Family Dental said, “Dental implants are a procedure that replaces missing teeth with artificial ones. It’s a great and reasonable way to achieve a perfect smile. If you want the surgery to be successful, you must follow all post-operative instructions after the implant process. Your Parker, CO, dentist, has put together this brief implant recovery guide.

The recovery period is unique for every patient at our Parker, CO, office. A few factors would come into play, including how many implants were placed, if you required a bone graft and your current health. You should expect the following two days to be uncomfortable as your body begins adjusting. Patients report feeling normal within a week once the inflammation starts to go down.

Bleeding is normal for up to 72 hours after the implant process. Keep the gauze over the implant site for at least an hour after your surgery. Bite down on the gauze if the bleeding gets heavy. Replace the gauze whenever they become too saturated. You can also use a moistened tea bag wrapped in gauze.

Do not be alarmed at any swelling that occurs. It should start to go down after seven days. This is a natural step in the healing process. The best thing to do is to wear an ice pack for the first day after surgery.”

About the Company:

Ardas Family Dental is committed to providing families with the best dental care possible. It’s a one-stop clinic for all the dental care needs of the communities it serves in Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Lone Tree, and South Aurora. Its services include general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

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