MegaMom Coaching Makes Divorced Single Parents’ Lives Easier With Its 3 Effectively Designed Programs

August 09 01:47 2022
Marelise Culbert is the founder of MegaMom Coaching, which helps divorced single parents with three effectively designed programs, to ensure they are better equipped for the unique challenges they may be facing, so they can restore the family to more than before.

MegaMom Coaching is a fairly new coaching service specializing in helping divorced single parents overcome the overwhelm of their unique realities. MegaMom Coaching also helps parents unlock new ways to embrace the new possibilities that lie ahead. Marelise Culbert’s MegaMom Coaching provides unique solutions that are deeply rooted in faith, combined with advanced parenting strategies and techniques, backed by research, to help parents achieve greater success faster. 

Marelise Culbert truly understands that single parenting can be exceptionally hard at times. Being solely responsible for every imaginable need requires a lot of faith, courage and determination. It is her calling and life mission to help as many single parents as possible with 1-on-1 coaching and 3 different programs for parents that are 100% personalized and designed to deliver the most desirable results in any particular situation. The first one is MegaMom Coaching’s signature “Futureproof Your Kids™” Program, which has been specifically designed to produce faith-centered, purpose-filled, and fruitful processes that help address the various changes and challenges children may be facing currently and in the future.  The second is a 4-week Breakthrough Program, which consists of private 1-on-1 online coaching, guiding you through every step, with additional training materials to ensure divorced parents have everything they need to overcome the challenges of the past and break through into a more successful, powerful and purpose-filled reality. 

The third program is a 12-week Transformation Program that includes 1-on-1 private online sessions strategically tailored for establishing transformative solutions on every level – from entrenched beliefs and identity to dealing with trauma, to establishing new foundations of faith to building a more secure and fulfilling future for the whole family. Additional resources are included along with some bonus follow-up sessions to ensure that mothers and their children are progressing in transformative ways. 

The various courses or counseling that do provide faith-based teachings for Single Parents around the globe are affiliated with particular church groups or denominations, and address broader principles of faith. Whereas most single-parent coaches have a more worldly-driven, psychology or education-backed approach, without incorporating aspects of deeply-entrenched Kingdom-driven faith.  

MegaMom Coaching’s offerings are therefore unique in the way it incorporates Christ-centered principles and lessons, Holy Spirit guidance in every situation, combined with best parenting practices and solutions, backed by extensive research. Each of the packages is 100% personalized based on the parent’s greatest needs, the most desirable family outcome or what could benefit the children the most, both now and in the future. 

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According to Marelise Culbert, “Our approach is unique in that it combines a firm foundation in faith, advanced parenting strategies and techniques, backed by extensive research, to help parents beat the overwhelm, instill peace and joy in the home, and lay a secure foundation to ensure the children embrace the future confidently and successfully. Our lessons and courses are based on real, life-changing, future-altering truth, masterfully packaged into practical steps that ensure greater transformation.”

Being a divorced single parent and raising children that are able to withstand the onslaught of continuous changes can seem daunting at best, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make the journey much easier, more fulfilling and impactful, as the focus is on creating a legacy that will help your children become more empowered and successful adults. Essential activation techniques establish a firm sense of purpose, entrenched in a deeper understanding of identity and value. Helping them find their passion in life and working towards fulfilling that passion will provide them with the strength to overcome any obstacle. This is where MegaMom Coaching provides the best solutions for single parents. 

Marelise Culbert of MegaMom Coaching offers single parent support by helping divorced parents pave the way to leave a legacy that enables their children to be raised with purpose, so they can fulfill their goals and become who they were created to be. In addition, the newly formed Facebook group is a safe space where divorced single moms can connect and engage on a regular basis, to ensure there is always an opportunity to share with others facing similar challenges. New teachings are added to the group regularly to empower and equip mothers to create more joy-fueled peace-filled homes. 

About the Company: 

MegaMom Coaching aims to help divorced single parents overcome the overwhelm of doing it all by themselves. The coaching teaches single parents new ways of healing past hurts, embracing new possibilities and raising their children to lead more successful and purpose-filled lives.

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