The Law Office of Brian Jones Urges Young People To Call A Criminal Defense Lawyer At The First Sign of Trouble

August 09 18:45 2022
The law office has said that the most common mistake that young people make is speaking with law enforcement without legal representation. Even people not yet accused of a crime should have a lawyer present when being questioned or detained.

The Law Office of Brian Jones – Expungement Lawyer has revealed that the most common mistake, often one made by young people, is speaking with law enforcement without legal representation. The firm emphasized that it isn’t without reason whenever law enforcement speaks with someone, and the wrong words can end up costing a person big time. Regardless of which branch they work for, law enforcement often uses words against the accused, and the more someone talks, the harder it becomes to mount a compelling defense. Words can often be taken out of context, and they can spell disaster without legal representation. 

While law enforcement must ask if someone accused of a crime wants to call a lawyer, they aren’t required to ask if they are interviewing someone about a crime. However, even interviews such as asking about a neighbor’s burglary or a friend who has been charged with grand larceny can cost a person big time. Today, especially young people, may not understand the importance of having a lawyer present and think the police are just conducting a routine interview. 

Experts say there is no such thing as a routine interview, and parts of the discussion can be tacked on to a case, causing severe legal hardship even if they are acquitted. Fortunately, criminal defense lawyers, like The Law Office of Brian Jones, can be called to ensure they are present any time an interview is conducted. 

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“We know how to build a solid defense for your case. Regardless of what you might be accused of, we can mount a defense like no other. However, it is important that young people be cautious when speaking to law enforcement. There is no such thing as a general chat, except if it is about the weather. So, if anyone from local law enforcement or federal wants to speak with you, ensure we are present for the interview.” Said a representative for The Law Office of Brian Jones. 

He added, “When lawyers are present, law enforcement tends to be more careful, and we can help clients by stopping them from speaking if it isn’t in their best interest. This will save you from a great deal of trouble.” 

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The Law Office of Brian Jones is one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in Delaware, Ohio. The firm has, over the years, worked on dozens of criminal cases, successfully defending clients in cases spanning a myriad of criminal charges. 

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