9 Simple Takeaways From A Hot Inflation Number from Shahak Avni

August 10 18:24 2022
Shahak Avni is sharing the most important takeaways regarding to high inflation number

From building successful businesses to serving those in need, Avraham Shahak Avni dedicates himself not only to managing companies but also to his social impact on communities around the world that suffer from poverty or neglect. Starting in the intelligence field, he became a serial entrepreneur and major investor in start-up companies, providing new entrepreneurs opportunities to achieve their dreams.

While being successful in a variety of industries, Shahak always keeps in mind what the most important thing in life is.

He believes in equal opportunities and focuses his philanthropic initiatives on improving the lives of disadvantaged youths and families providing them with guidance and opportunities to advance their lifestyle, whilst promoting business success around the world.

Today Shahak Avni is sharing his insights regarding to high hot inflation number.

Inflation rose to 9.1% in June. This is one of the fastest pace of an increase in inflation since the early 80’s. If you are like most people you are tuning into the news but can be overwhelmed with daunting information. I will give you some simple information that will help you understand what is going on with all the inflation talk.

Here are 9 simple takeaways from a hot inflation number.

1. Inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
2. Inflation occurs when there is too much money chasing too few goods.
3. Inflation is caused by both demand-pull and cost-push factors.
4. Inflation is harmful to the economy as it reduces purchasing power, causes uncertainty and erodes confidence.
5. Inflation can be controlled through monetary and fiscal policies.
6. Inflation can be measured using the consumer price index (CPI) or the producer price index (PPI).
7. There are two types of inflation – creeping inflation and galloping inflation.
8. Inflation can be controlled through the use of demand-management policies.
9. Inflation is expected to remain high in the near future.

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