NBA Superstar Entered Web3 Industry: Tony Parker and PEAK Jointly Built PeakBoy Metaverse Ecosystem

August 19 01:03 2022

Recently, Tony Parker announced about the creation of PeakBoy on his social media account, meaning he is going to enter the Metaverse.

PeakBoys are a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled NFTs based on Ethereum. These NFTs will also become the foundation of the PeakBoy ecosystem, unlocking all the benefits of the PeakBoy Meta Voyage Club.

The year 2021 is considered to be the first year of an era of NFT by most crypto users. The successful release of NBA Top Shot on the Flow chain, and the sky-high auction price of “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by digital artist Beeple. Today, more and more investment institutions and crypto users are turning their attention from Defi to NFT. 

From CryptoPunks to encrypted cats, from boring apes to goblins, celebrities took the lead in changing avatars and the superposition of wealth effects brought the development of PFP-type NFTs to a whole new level.

Nowadays, the major social software, such as Twitter, Ins, and FB, have basically been replaced with NFT avatars, showing the holder’s own personality and attitude. The development of NFT has gradually become an entry ticket to an identity and circle, where it is easier to find companions with similar interests.

The development of NFTs has involved users from all walks of life, especially in the sports world. First, NBA Top Shot reached a cooperation with the NBA to sell blind boxes of players’ wonderful moments. Later, stars such as Curry, Irving, Andre Iguodala purchased NFTs by themselves, and also became the spokesperson for some project signings. Even many players have cooperated with projects to issue their own NFTs, such as O’Neal, Rodman, Magic Johnson, Wade, etc.

Tony Parker, together with Shifo Duncan and Manu Ginobili, formed the golden triangle of the NBA San Antonio Spurs, helping the team to win the NBA championship trophy 4 times, and also won the FMVP of the NBA Finals in 2007 (the first total in history. Final foreign FMVP). For basketball fans, these highlights of Tony Parker seem to be yesterday, which is still fresh in the memory.

After retiring, Parker is still active in the sports world and become the board member of the ASVEL Basket team. The cooperation between Parker and Peak started as early as 2013, as Peak’s global image spokesperson. This time Peak and Tony Parker teamed up again to launch the PeakBoy series of NFTs.

Parker, who has played in the NBA for 18 years, has already made the pursuit of excellence and challenging the peak a habit, while Peak, which started as a sneaker brand, also imprinted infinite possibilities in the brand culture. In this collaboration, The two parties have also integrated cultural elements such as street, trend, graffiti, Y2K, cyber retro into the PeakBoy series of NFTs, aiming to transmit the Peak spirit to everyone in the world through different forms of PeakBoy. This corner allows users from different latitudes and different borders to feel the baptism of spirit and the inheritance of culture.

According to the official roadmap, the PeakBoy ecosystem is roughly divided into three periods. The first period was the launch of NFT. After Tony Parker announced that he was going to enter the Metaverse to issue NFT, the official tweeter exceeded 10,000 followers less than 10 days. The market response was good, and the value of personal IP brought a lot of attention.

Building an ecosystem needs to constantly create new value of NFT. PeakBoy is the entry threshold for PeakBoy Meta Voyage Club. In the second period, club members will receive new NFT airdrops to upgrade the current PeakBoy to become a more playable avatar.

Entering the third period, members of the club will receive PeakBoy’s metaverse land and the corresponding token PBT airdrop. At the same time, holders obtain Gamefi game qualifications that only members can enter. Through PBT, token holders can vote on governance proposals from the DAO and perform exclusive functions in the PeakBoy ecosystem, such as game P2E, event participation, land purchase and other services.

The development of NFT has gone through a chaotic era. Represented by the boring ape, the sustainable development of NFT ecological construction will be the future trend. The playability of the game expands the social attributes of NFT, not just an avatar or an identity, but can create more value and possibilities, and the natural stickiness of the game will also make the community more dynamic.

PeakBoy uses PFP as the entry point, with the support of Peak and Tony Parker IP makes the project attract attention as soon as it goes online. Subsequent holding of NFT unlocks more gameplay and airdrop incentives, prompting more users to pay attention to the project and hold it for a long time. On the one hand, it will help new users to continue The flow maintains the popularity of the project, on the other hand, it is good for long-term holders and obtains long-term value capture benefits.

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