Project innovates with passive income from NFTS with quotas in physical confinement cattle

October 05 00:49 2022

Diego Silva (CEO and Developer) creates smart contracts and brings an innovative project with the creation of NFTS that generate passive income directly into investors’ wallets.

ARCANE CARS, a project launched less than a month ago, already draws the attention of many investors seeking to escape the volatility of the world of cryptocurrencies on Blockchain platforms.

The project provides tools so that the holder can have more security when generating income, opening a new portfolio of investment options.

According to Diego Silva, investors will be able to diversify their investments:

Through Cast: Mitage of tokens transformed into an NFT, generating more tokens in a self-sustaining process – In this modality you have access to a random system at the time of creation of minimum 10% up to 70% of (Boost) reinforcing the tokens allocated in this Farm. In this case if the investor paste 1,000 tokens ARCANES and win in the random system 40% he will have as Boost 400 tokens more to farm in the period allocated, totaling 1,400 tokens.

Compound System of compound interest on your coins allocated in this module;

Allocation System: allows the investor to allocate part of his capital and get 100% of the capital invested in BUSD after 6 months;

Shareholder System: the investor becomes part of the company and receives 15% of the amount collected from the post-slaughter sale of the confined cattle.

The Project also has a passive income system through NFTs, where the user can generate dividends in $ARC tokens by creating an NFT based on safe and effective mathematics, the intelligent contract defines a “%” for the user, maximizing its income and providing higher profits, this system is called “CASTING” which is basically the casting of an NFT with its tokens.

Arcane Cards is a platform 100% focused on passive income, having within its ecosystem a governance token, where investors can participate in votes and decisions of the project.

The Project also has a physical ballast system for its investors, which is the SEMI-CONFINAMENTE of cattle, the farm is located in Mato Grosso in the city of Alta Floresta and has 100 hectares dedicated to the Arcane Cards Project.

This is one of the many benefits of the Arcane Cards Project, come be part of this Project!

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