CX Collective Emphasis Its Focus On Customer Experiences Services By Launching A New Redesigned Site

October 05 01:17 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Customer experience is no longer an afterthought. It’s a core component of any company’s brand and business strategy. Businesses that excel in the customer experience space are generating 60% more revenue than those that don’t pay attention to their customers, statistics report. However, company-wide customer experience initiatives can be challenging to implement and maintain within large organizations. After all, it involves collaboration between different departments, each with its objectives, processes and metrics.

This is why CX Collective (formerly The Workforce Pro) with over 20 years of experience in the field, launched on Monday a new revised version of their site. The new site focuses on how small and large companies can improve their customer experience, with everything from strategy and consulting to execution and employee training. Founder Ty Givens knows what it takes to create a great customer experience, and she’s put that knowledge into this company. 

CX Collective provides businesses with a range of services including consulting, strategy development, systems selection and implementation, employee onboarding, training and development. With years of success helping companies of all sizes, CX Collective is an expert in customers’ journey when interacting with a brand.

The agency looks through all phases of a customer experience: the initial brand discovery, product or service selection, purchase and installation/usage, to complaints and feedback. “The ultimate goal of a customer experience strategy is to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocate-ship. It’s measuring the customer journey through the eyes of your customers to identify pain points, drivers of positive experiences and opportunities to delight them” said Ty Givens, founder of CX Collective. “A good Customer Experience Strategy can increase your customer lifetime value by 20% – 30%. It can also decrease your customer acquisition costs by 25%. A strong customer experience strategy can increase your profitability and transform your brand. However, it’s important to remember that the customer experience is not just limited to the interaction between your brand and your customers. It also includes internal processes and how your employees feel about their work” Ty adds.

As CX Collective reports: “The first step towards implementing a company-wide customer experience initiative is building alignment and buy-in for your strategy. Companies must implement their strategy company-wide in an accessible, scalable and sustainable way. Leadership needs to be involved in creating this organisational alignment. They are responsible for communicating the strategy, setting the tone and creating an environment where execution is possible. It’s critical to include the whole organisation in the process. That’s why it’s important to create a cross-functional team that helps to identify pain points, build solutions and measure progress. This team should consist of representatives from different departments such as sales, marketing, customer support, product, HR and finance. They will have the best insights and be able to identify opportunities for improvement”.

Many companies want to immediately jump into grandiose customer experience initiatives but forget that it’s a journey. A company-wide initiative takes time, resources and planning. That’s why it’s important to start small, learn along the way, and grow step by step. The most successful businesses are willing to start small despite having the big vision. They take the time to understand the landscape, identify the key stakeholders, discover the opportunities and challenges, and test their hypotheses. They are also quick to pivot if their approach is not working. Therefore, it’s important to start with the low-hanging fruit. CX Collective can help to identify the easiest and most beneficial initiatives that can be implemented quickly. This will help you to build momentum, create a successful track record and gain necessary buy-in from senior leadership.

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