Healing by Han Astrologer: How to Wear Black Obsidian Correctly?

October 07 21:19 2022

Formed when lava from volcanoes cools, obsidian has the eons of healing power. Black obsidian is considered to hold the strong protective effect which corresponds to the root chakra. The energy of black obsidian ensures the meaning of the existence of a soul. Not only the black obsidian can avoid the interference of negative energy, but also can remove the unpleasant smell of mold and bad luck. How ever, how to use this strong gemstone correctly seems to be confused for crystal beginners.

“Right side for women, left side for men!”
“No! Left side for good luck, therefore all left!”
“How about the left-handed?”
“Right side for protection! But lefties should do the opposite!”

All the questions were raised by users of Healing by Han. Most of people know that black obsidian is often associated with mystery and has a very strong ability to absorb. For this reason it is used often in feng shui, spiritual connection and protection and wear black obsidian as bracelets. But, the advice from professional astrologer is to wear it on the right wrist or as the necklace.

Right Wrist – The left side is the “entrance” for energy channel, and the right side is the “export”, which is not associated with dominate hand. Therefore, when wearing crystals that will bring luck, left side; But for those protection crystals, like black obsidian or onyx, wear on the right side to expel the evil. Please note that when driving or going to the places with strong negative energy, wear black obsidian bracelet on left side.

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Necklace – This is a common way of using healing crystals, when wearing the healing crystal that near the heart, the temperature and the energy derives from the heart chakra will help with the flow.

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