Solid Ground Financial, LLC On A Mission to Help American Consumers Wade Through Recession and Rising Credit Card Debt

October 07 22:54 2022
Solid Ground Financial, LLC is a premiere American credit counseling service on a mission to help American consumers shoulder the rising credit card debt by presenting the Credit Card Consolidation Plan as a field-tested solution.

According to Financial Health Pulse’s research, financial health declined for the first time in five years. As prices soar amid inflation, consumers are reaching for their credit cards to buy necessities and “shoulder monthly burdens.” 

The credit card balances rose 13% in Q2 2021, which is the “largest year-over-year increase seen in two decades,” The Financial Brand’s analysts said. 

Solid Ground Financial, LLC is an American credit card counseling service presenting a much-needed solution to the aforementioned problems: custom-made credit card debt consolidation plans designed to decrease interest rates and streamline debt-related payments. 

Solid Ground Financial’s CCC plan is a versatile solution enabling American consumers to maintain a positive credit card credit and stabilize their financial health in the long term. The company’s spokesperson imparted that the Credit Card Consolidation plan does not feature minimum financial requirements, hidden fees, or waiting periods before it could be implemented, imparting the following:

“The Credit Card Consolidation plan allows you to consolidate your credit cards, department store cards, personal loans, and medical bills. The Credit Card Debt Consolidation is a nationally accepted program and will lower your interest rates with your credits on average 0-9%,” Solid Ground Financial, LLC’s spokesperson said. 

Credit Card Debt Consolidation revolves around interest rate restructuring; Solid Ground Financial’s experts consolidate the entirety of credit card accounts for each client into a singular monthly payment. This enables the consumer to circumvent late and over-limit fees, which could potentially hinder their credit rating. 

One of the main benefits of Solid Ground Financial’s debt consolidation for credit cards is the lowered monthly rates. The inflation caused higher prices for most consumer goods, meaning that many Americans will inevitably fall into debt with their credit card issuers. By avoiding late and over-limit fees, consumers can spend more while avoiding unnecessary financial burden on their credit cards:

“You can consolidate all your Credit Cards into one easy monthly payment and in some cases reduce monthly payments. The Credit Card Consolidation program will help you maintain a positive credit card with the reporting Credit Bureaus. Regardless of financial status, you can benefit from the ability to work with your creditors to lower interest rates and regain your peace of mind,” Solid Ground Financial, LLC’s spokesperson said.

The company’s spokesperson continued, saying that all unsecured debts can be consolidated with the CCC program. This includes credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, utility bills, unsecured loans, and payday loans.

More information about Solid Ground Financial, LLC, and the Credit Card Consolidation plan is available on the company’s official website

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