Neopharma Technologies officially launches myNEO app

November 21 14:18 2022
The world’s first Covid-19 Home Testing App compatible with all US EUA and TGA approved rapid antigen test kits.

Neopharma Technologies Ltd was listed as a Top 100 Healthcare Technology company in 2021. It is the owner and operator of a globally patented, trademarked and award-winning Drugs-of-Abuse testing device and Enterprise Resource Management platform: TamperLoks DataVault. 

“Today we are excited to announce that we have successfully launched the myNEO app on both the Google Play and Apple Stores in Australia and the USA to make life easier for people conducting Covid-19 home testing,” said Marcus L’Estrange Executive Chairman. 

“We are positioning ourselves in the US and Australian marketplace to be a leader in establishing a new Safe Work Place Best Practice testing environment for both private and public organisations. Our myNEO app can now integrate with our Enterprise Resource Management NEOVAULT platform which assists organisations safely and securely conducting both Covid-19 and Drugs of Abuse testing.”

“We have built the myNEO app and enterprise resource management platform NEOVAULT to be the most secure and user friendly on the market capable of handling millions of uploads daily. Today marks our official launch in the AUS and US markets.”

About myNEO: 

myNEO is the world’s first app designed by Neopharma Technologies that can be used with all US EUA and TGA approved rapid Covid-19 and combined Covid-19 & Flu AB test kits for the US and Australian markets. The myNEO app is also compatible with a number of CE and MDA approved test kits for both the European and Malaysian markets. The myNEO app allows you to easily select your rapid test kit and record the result giving you a digitised Covid-19 free certificate that can be shared with your HR Manager or Line Manager for proof of illness and sick leave. The app is also useful for recording a test history of positive and negative test results so it can give you an accurate picture on the time you were sick.

Each chosen test kit has an instructional video, IFU and easy to follow steps to take the test correctly. You can simply navigate back and forward depending on your level of competency using the test kit, ensuring optimal efficiency in recording your result. 

myNEO is also compatible with NEOVAULT an Enterprise Resource Management Platform designed for organisations, schools, hospitals and government departments that are wanting to implement a Safe Workplace Best Practice testing environment. The myNEO app enables you to select an organisational code that can link back to an organisations database if the organisation, school, hospital, or government department has signed up with NEOVAULT. 

NEOVAULT is designed for organisations wanting to implement health testing in the workplace to reduce the impact of widespread absenteeism and optimise work efficiency. It enables HR Managers and Administrators to manage health testing programs with employees and contractors, with results being recorded back to the organisational database in real-time. This empowers organisations with an easily implemented Safe Workplace Best Practice solution providing an optimal healthy working environment and culture to not only contain the spread of illness but ensuring drug use is eliminated within the workplace environment.

NEOVAULT is an easy to use but powerful Enterprise Resource Management Platform with the ability to appoint multiple administrators and implement rules and controls across large organisational teams, for not only managing testing programs and tracking results but also managing test kit inventory. NEOVAULT is compatible with a range of Rapid Test Kits including Covid-19, Covid Flu AB, Drug and Alcohol as well other health tests.

About Neopharma Technologies Ltd

Neopharma Technologies Ltd is a public unlisted Australian Company with wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and the USA. Neopharma Technologies is positioning itself to be a global leader for Safe Workplace Best Practice rapid testing in the global workplace. Leading the way with technologies to support all regulatory approved Covid-19 antigen test kits and innovative Drugs-of-Abuse healthcare technologies. NEOVAULT delivers savings with an easy-to-use platform for its clients and customers.

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