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November 21 19:24 2022
A new method of receiving a quote has been launched that removes the stress of knowing how much a roof will cost to be repaired or replaced

A new way of finding out how much a roof would cost to be replaced has been launched by 30 Second Roof Quote. The online roofing service removes the stress of finding the cheapest quote to have a roof replaced by providing quotes within 30 seconds.

The service is set to revolutionize the roofing industry by putting the homeowner in full control when needing a quote to have a roof replaced. Instead of having to phone up different roofing contractors and wait for them to attend their property, the homeowner can now do it all on their computer.

The 30-Second Roof Quote has been designed to be user-friendly for those with little or no experience in applying for a roofing quote. The user simply needs to answer a couple of questions, which includes what type of roof they would like, and then the cheapest quote is produced. No matter where in the country a homeowner is, a roof can be supplied for them. All roofing contractors are licensed, and all roofs receive a full guarantee.

Each year more than 5 million roofs are replaced in the USA. However, it is believed that the number of roofs that need to be replaced is around 10% of all the 180 million roofs in the USA. Not having a roof replaced when needed can cause damage to the property and result in extra expenses for the homeowner. The reason why so many homeowners don’t have their roofs replaced is due to the Complexity of receiving a competitive quote. Thanks to the 30 Second Roof Quote, which has now changed.

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About 30-Second Roof Quote

30 Second Roof Quote is a new service that aims to revolutionize the roofing industry and the way people get quotes to have their roofs replaced. The service reduces the stress of getting a quote to have a roof replaced by providing a quote within 30 seconds. It is designed with the customer in mind, giving the customer full control of the quote including what type of roofing materials are used. All roofing contractors are licensed, and all roofs come with a full guarantee.

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