Say Goodbye to Unbearable PMS with Aura Essentials

November 22 20:21 2022
Pharmacist-formulated menstrual health supplements that provide preventative care for PMS, UTI’s, yeast infections, and menopause

Menstruators spend 3,500 days on their periods. This is almost 10 years of pain and discomfort that lead to disrupted routines, canceled plans, and time off of work. While there are plenty of menstrual health supplements available in the market, finding one that actually works can be difficult.

Having struggled with these issues themselves, women’s health company Aura Essentials has made it its mission to provide an inclusive and preventative solution for PMS, UTI’s, yeast infections and menopause for all menstruators. And that is why they came up with scientifically-formulated, pharmacist-approved vitamins that contain only natural ingredients the body needs to help relieve PMS symptoms: the PMS Gummy.

Formulated with only essential, natural ingredients like Maritime Pine Bark, Chasteberry, and Dandelion Root, the PMS Gummy helps minimize hormonal acne, decrease mood swings, reduce cramps, and improve mental clarity – making PMS easier and more manageable. In a nutshell, Aura Essentials supplements aim to keep people out of the doctor’s office, preventing menstrual health discomfort before they even disrupt one’s system.

In addition, Aura Essentials uses education to prepare and empower all menstruators. Their dedicated team provides health education around menstrual health that is more than what is taught by an 8th grade gym teacher.

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About Aura Essentials

Aura Essentials is a women’s health company that strives to empower all people who menstruate. They are on a mission to build an inclusive community, de-stigmatize women’s health, and deliver world class products that solve the problems the community faces.

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