Allaquix, The High-Tech Gauze Pad That Can Help People, Even “Bleeders” Stop Bleeding Quick Like The Pros

November 22 20:59 2022
The Product Is An FDA Cleared Chitosan-Based Gauze Pad. Developed From Technology Used By The US Military And Medical Professionals.

The MedTech company was founded in 2010 by two Twin Cities entrepreneurs with deep experience in medical products when they recognized that people on blood thinners or people with bleeding or clotting disorders needed a better way to stop bleeding fast.

AllaQuix High Performance Stop Bleeding Gauze is a high-performance gauze pad to help stop bleeding fast, whether someone has the ability to stop bleeding on their own or not. This makes it a must for people on blood thinners. Recent studies show that at least 8 million Americans are on blood thinners (anti-coagulation therapy). 1 These medications are a leading cause of “nuisance bleeding”, which is minor bleeding that lasts longer than it should and is difficult to stop. This nuisance bleeding can be caused by such ordinary things as shaving, cooking, and gardening.

AllaQuix is made of medical-grade chitosan. Chitosan has been used and proven by Medical Professionals and the US Military for 20+ years to stop bleeding fast. Chitosan hemostats (blood stoppers) have been on Air Force One and with US troops in combat zones. Chitosan has also shown bacteriostatic activity and stimulation of wound healing. 

What makes AllaQuix essential for people on blood thinners and people with bleeding/clotting disorders is that AllaQuix works independently of the clotting cascade. It is almost like a blood magnet. The chitosan fibers in AllaQuix have a positive charge. Red blood cells have a negative charge. Once the AllaQuix gauze is on the wound, the chitosan fibers attract red blood cells – getting them to bind to the AllaQuix gauze and form a seal over the wound to stop the bleed.

“We are using AllaQuix on wounds on patients on blood thinners. They work great!” – Dermatologist from Tennessee

“AllaQuix is a truly innovative product! Hemostatic gauze is great break-through for Coumadin patients and many other patients at risk of bleeding. This could be a life-saver for patients with uncontrolled external bleeding.” – Anti-Coagulation Clinic Provider from Arizona

Accidents happen and minor cuts and abrasions are a part of everyday life. Being prepared for these bleeding accidents is particularly important for people who are “bleeders” or on blood thinners. AllaQuix can help anyone be prepared and is a great addition to every first aid kit, along with keeping them handy in the kitchen, garage, medicine cabinet, and anywhere bleeding may happen.

About Inspiration Medical Technology Inc.:

Inspiration Medical Technology brings professional-grade, cutting edge technology medical products to everyone. Everyone deserves: clear insights to their health to make better decisions and direct access to affordable, professional-grade medical products to manage their health better. Inspiration Medical Technology helps people “Take Charge of Their Health”.

AllaQuix High Performance Stop Bleeding Gauze has been reviewed and cleared by FDA for OTC (over-the-counter) use in the management of minor cuts, minor scalds and first-degree burns, abrasions, and lacerations. Available in 3 sizes: Large (2″x2″), X-Large (4″x4″), and X-Large (6″x6″).

PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USING. This information does not replace the advice and instructions of a healthcare professional.

To Learn More About AllaQuix, visit our website.

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IBM Truven Health Analytics, 12 months ending December 31, 2018 for Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid patients (October 24, 2019)

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