“Beware Which Wolf You Feed” Bestseller by Dr Kenan Crnkic Now Available on Amazon

November 23 04:46 2022
The ultimate Balkan bestseller on happiness is finally available globally in English and as an ebook.

Dr. Kenan Crnkic, the famed author of “7 Secrets to Success” is announcing his new book to the general public. The book “Beware Which Wolf You Feed” is the second book of this incredibly popular author. It is written in a style that has already become recognizable and is quite easy to read. The book is also written in a simple language, full of positive and useful advice that creates a peculiar form of instant motivation that will make one read it in one sitting, while also taking pleasure in going back to it over and over again. 

Brilliant and unusual stories that are easily remembered and retold, a marvelous beginning that will totally intrigue anyone and an effective ending that will make one contemplate long after they finish reading it are only some of the reasons why this Balkan bestseller is simply irresistible and why one will want to give it to others as a gift.

Happiness is a rare thing that multiplies when shared. The author deems his latest project as a book about happiness. The book offers tips on how to find it, pursue it and permanently retain it. The author further guarantees that this is a book that can make one happy by merely reading it. Thus, he urges everyone to try it.

About the author

Dr. Kenan Crnkic is the Bosnian author of bestsellers about success (7 Secrets to Success), happiness (Beware which Wolf you feed) and life (Outlive Life). His books and papers have been translated and published in several languages as well as in Braille. With more than 0.5 million copies sold, he has become a bestselling author in Southeastern Europe, and is now expanding his reach to the global markets.

To buy “Beware Which Wolf You Feed” on Amazon, visit here. More about the author and his work can be found at www.kenancrnkicacademy.com

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