EPZL: Magnetic Dual Phone Case with 15W Wireless Charging

November 23 16:41 2022
The stylish, convenient, and secure way to carry your two iPhones and wireless charge them when necessary

Having two phones isn’t a luxury anymore—you probably have them because work requires them, or because they are critical tools for your content creation endeavors. However, securely carrying two phones and having them easily accessible when you need them is typically cumbersome: two cases, the difficulty of reaching into your bag to find each one, and the scratches and damages they endure in the process are definitely not acceptable.

That’s why EPZL designed the Ultimate Dual Phone Case—a perfectly built dual case for your two iPhones that tightly and neatly allows you to store, carry, and wireless charge them, anywhere, anytime.

This is one of the key features of The EPZL Dual Phone Case. Its surface is magnetic, keeping your two phones tightly secured no matter what happens—so you’ll avoid damages to your devices while having a unique phone case that looks super stylish and almost magical in the way it holds your phones. 

The EPZL Dual Phone Case has built-in wireless modules to support wireless charging for two iPhones—or other devices that support wireless charging, such as your headphones or smart watch. In other words, the same case that allows you to carry and securely hold your phones also allows you to charge them—wirelessly, anywhere!

You may want to use The EPZL Dual Phone Case simply because it’s a neat, secure, and convenient way for you to carry and protect your phones. However, if you’re a professional who needs to make an intensive use of your phones all the time, then you’ll like to know that this case is built to withstand that type of intensive work-related usage.

This is also one of the strengths brought by EPZL Dual Phone Case: both versions of the case are lightweight and compact, making it extremely portable—and consequently very easy for you to carry both phones wherever you go. On the other hand, the stylish design that is both modern and minimalist ensures that using and carrying The Ultimate Dual Phone Case will make you look good. Whoever sees it will only positively envy you for such a tasteful and well-designed way of carrying your iPhones!

About EPZL

EPZL was established in 2008 and we have been accumulating an extensive and valuable experience in the field of Electronics and Technology, mainly manufacturing various TV parts. All our products are equally suited for both office and home use and are thoroughly tested for safety and usability.

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