This Soft Plastic Compactor Is The System Waste Management Companies Have Been Seeking for Decades

November 24 14:41 2022
ClearDrop Developed A New & Automatic Soft Plastic Compactor That Turns Soft Plastics Into Easy-To-Handle and Recycle Plastic Blocks That No Longer Clog Up Facilities.

Ivan Arbouzov is the founder & CEO of ClearDrop — a specialized company in “plastic waste management” that focuses on designing cutting-edge technology and contributes to solving the critical volume, and economic problems waste management businesses are facing with soft plastics.

As a founder and product developer, Ivan felt the urgency to create a soft plastic compactor that allowed waste management businesses to deal with annoying and destructive soft plastics without developing new industrial equipment in-facility.

The Soft Plastic Compactor is a simple system that only requires to be plugged into the wall and is ready to transform soft plastic into hard plastic… And simultaneously contributes to solving the old headache of unclogging the processing plant that got stuck with wrappers, bags, & packaging.

It’s proven that there are 6.3 billion tons of soft plastic left in the world to collect, and global waste management companies agree that a measure must be taken to recycle as much soft plastic as possible, but without stepping over the boundaries and polluting the world more than it already is.

The Soft Plastic Compactor easily and safely turns soft plastic into hard plastic, making it “easy to handle” and recycle. In addition, it doesn’t release toxic chemicals, and it’s efficient in terms of time & cost investment.

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