Personal Injury Lawyers at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers Fight Persistently, Enthusiastically, and Successfully for a Client’s Right to Fair Compensation

November 24 19:12 2022
Jason Stone Injury Lawyers protects a client’s rights to justice and full compensation after a personal injury accident. It knows firsthand the things insurance companies do to deny or delay claims. The law firm counters these acts through forceful negotiations and timely legal actions.

According to announcements released by Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, the personal injury lawyers at this law firm are fully conversant with the steps insurance companies take to force injury victims into unfair negotiations.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Costs after a car accident can mount fast, including medical expenses, loss of wages, ability, companionship, etc. In the case of a car accident, the victim may have to follow up with the auto insurance and medical insurance company.

In both cases, an injured party’s interests are best served through the services of an experienced personal injury law firm. A benefit of hiring a respected law firm like Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is that insurers prefer to settle the matter through negotiations instead of taking it to court. This quick settlement favors the client who may be in need of funds.

Statistics prove that personal injury victims receive higher compensations when represented by a good lawyer. Injured claimants may end up signing away their rights to fair and adequate compensation without proper legal counsel. Insurance documents contain clauses that favor the insurance provider.

A car accident injury victim struggling with pain will have neither the knowledge nor the desire to go through the fine print in insurance documents. The Westwood personal injury lawyer at this law firm knows how to negotiate with insurers from a position of strength.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers knows how an injured claimant can get shortchanged due to the insurance company’s regulations. If the insurer insists on a confidentiality clause, this exposes the settlement amount to tax liabilities. This is avoidable.

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers said, “Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not looking out for your best interests. Accepting an initial offer from an insurance company could mean losing thousands of dollars in compensation to which you may be entitled. We will only settle or recommend settling your case once you get the most money possible for your accident or injury, and our track record speaks for itself. Over the past ten years, we’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we can help you too. 

Fill out our free form, and let our dedicated attorneys help you get as much money as possible today. We believe you want peace of mind. For you to experience peace of mind, we must establish your trust. We focus on creating a relationship that gives you the confidence in us to hear our recommendation and say, “OK. Do what you think is best. I trust you to worry about it for me.” This works only if promises are kept, and to that, we are dedicated.

We guarantee to be your one-stop-shop, a law firm to help you recover emotionally, physically, and financially by addressing all your post-injury issues so you can focus on your efforts to get back to living life like it was 5 minutes before your injury.”

About the Firm:

Since 2004, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers have served Boston, Natick, Peabody, and Westwood communities as reliable legal representatives in personal injury cases. They have a reputation for obtaining justice and fair compensation for clients injured in automobile accidents, dog bites, drug injuries, etc. 

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