KoruLife: Transformational Coach Helps the Entrepreneur To Make Waves with a Mindset of Success

November 28 23:31 2022
Mindset Coach Donna Laurinaria is an intuitive and highly trained Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner. She helps clients break free from the mental shackle that hinders progress in their personal life and professional career. Her programmes help entrepreneurs unlock and shift their mindsets, empowering them to live a life of fulfillment.


It is not uncommon for any entrepreneur to have lofty goals yet be unable to realise their dreams due to deeply ingrained fears or insecurities that hold them back from taking action.  Donna Laurinaria, the founder of KoruLife Coaching & Hypnotherapy, is renowned for her result-driven coaching methods that have helped countless clients emerge from the dark recesses of a constrained mind and inspired them on a path to success. 

As a Master Mindset Coach and RTT Practitioner, she employs the rapid mindset transformation methodology and aligned strategy to help clients break free from outdated mental programming and achieve success and a life of fulfillment.

Donna Laurinaria is trained as a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner, certified as a Master Mindset Life Coach (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence) and Mental Health First Aider (MHFA, England), Laurinaria set out to empower clients to find their freedom and success. She is also an accredited member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) and International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). 

Before setting up her coaching practice, Laurinaria managed a seven-figure business that provided her with over 20 years of combined experience in training, sales, marketing, coaching, mentoring and management. During those years, her natural gift of coaching and mentoring was quickly recognised and her skills were often lauded. 

However, despite her professional success, she had within her deep-set fears like everyone else. She realised something was amiss and had to find a way out of the self-destructive path. It proved to be a long road from self-realisation to self-development after she determined that the path forward was to face her trapped emotions head-on. She eventually conquered her fears and emotions, and having gone through the vicious circle of self-doubt that inhibited her freedom and inner peace, Laurinaria realised her true calling was coaching.

Korulife Coaching & Hypnotherapy mainly focuses on helping ambitious women in their thirties, many of whom have embraced the responsibilities of raising a family but are at crossroads when it comes to reviving their careers. They may aspire to be service-based entrepreneurs but suddenly find procrastination, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, and other negative behaviours inhibiting their progress. KoruLife help to address the impasse, and impactful programmes such as Koru Signature Breakthrough, Mana Breakthrough, and Slim Fit Dames can make a telling difference and help create a life of purpose and fulfillment. As a starting point, women are encouraged to download a free hypnosis meditation recording to stop self-sabotage and fearlessly take action towards success from KoruLife to get a sense of its full impact.

For more information, visit https://www.donnaliza.coach/

Donna Laurinaria’s passion for helping highly self-driven women is not restricted to commercial coaching. Anyone can join the support network she created for ambitious women, professionals, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and motivate one another. 10% of the programme fees go towards a pay-it-forward scheme to help women unable to invest in these self-help programmes enroll in their chosen path. 

About the Company:

Donna Laurinaria founded her practice, KoruLife Coaching and Hypnotherapy, with the express mission of helping people achieve a state of mind—the freedom and peace from within to fearlessly and successfully follow their personal and professional dreams. Programmes offered are tailored to their unique problems using RTT and coaching, which remove blocks and realign the mindset to set unique success goals. Clients can book an appointment by phone and online and sessions may be conducted one-on-one or online.

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