VERTU Launches the World’s First Web3 Phone, METAVERTU

November 29 02:28 2022

On October 24, VERTU, the luxury mobile phone brand originating from the UK, officially launched the METAVERTU, the world’s first Web3 phone, in London.

It is reported that since the METAVERTU phone’s pre-sale on October 24, the number of global reservations has exceeded 200,000, and so far, more than 40% of users have paid in full. Among them, the carbon fiber model priced at USD$3,600.00 is obviously more popular, with more than 90% of the reservations. What’s more, the high-definition crocodile model, priced at more than USD$6,500.00, has also sold for thousands of units.

On November 4, VERTU’s social media released a delayed delivery note, stating that since METAVERTU opened the pre-sale, it has received much attention and welcome from the consumers, which has beyond VERTU’s expectations. With such a strong purchasing enthusiasm and bulk orders, VERTU has to delay the delivery of some customers due to insufficient stock availability.

According to the research of Counterpoint, the phone replacement cycle has increased from 24.3 months at the beginning of 2019 to 31 months. It is widely acknowledged that the mobile phone industry was lack of innovation and consumers were losing their willingness to change their phones. There is no wonder that those phone manufacturers wouldn’t prepare enough stock. However, VERTU continues to explore new technology and tries to integrate traditional craftsmanship and edging technology together, which makes METAVERTU a revolutionary product and become a hit. Just in ten days, the first batch of stock is suspected to be sold out.

As the world’s first Web3.0 phone, METAVERTU has an excellent phone configuration:  Snapdragon 8Gen1 chip, 18GB running memory, 1TB internal storage, 10000GB distributed storage, IMX787 35mm humanities main camera, 9x optical telephoto camera, X-axis linear motor. With this equipment, METAVERTU is absolutely a competitive phone. But if just these, it can not be called a Web3 phone.

METAVERTU initially came up with the innovation of “system twins” which means to get the two systems in one phone, and the users can walk into the Web3.0 world in one click while meeting the daily use of Android. Besides, there are many exclusive apps to help users enjoy the Web3.0 world, like VSHOT which can get pictures on the chain, the VALUE embedded in the international top security chip, and so on. All of these apps make it become a validator that you can do mining by it.

The human-computer interaction led by Web2.0 has become an inherent driver of smartphone development. Now, the upcoming Web3.0 is gradually changing the Internet, and the launch of METAVERTU proves that it can also be applied in the phone industry; perhaps it will bring a new direction of development and take the whole industry to enter a new blue ocean.

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