Alexis Skizar | His debut single, ‘Dirty Love’

November 29 06:10 2022
Alexis Skizar | His debut single, ‘Dirty Love’, has over a hundred thousand plays in only three days!

His melodies penetrate the very heart and make many fans around the world dance. The song is a lighthearted, catchy pop tune that features honest lyrics and intricate storytelling. Dubai-based producer Vyacheslav “Mr. Viviti” Tyurin said he hadn’t met an up-and-coming and ambitious artist like Alexis Skizar in a long time. Alexis endearing personality and positive aura only compliments the young artist’s intriguing sound which is sure to attract attention in the music industry. Today the competition is insane like never before…

He was born in the music teacher’s family in Paris. That’s why love to art is in him DNA. After his beloved nanna passed away the lullaby she sang “La Berceuse de Brahms” was always in his heart. As a kid he usually ran out to a roofs one of buildings to sing the lullaby. Missed her so much.

Later on he participated plenty of music bands to find myself. Today he have my own band. This year 2022 he signed a contract with a Music Label from the UAE. The Music Label VIVITI Music. The icing on the cake is that the release of ‘Dirty Love’ was was released on the same day as Black Friday. His melodies are known worldwide, his songs have and are still being played in the biggest clubs and festivals. His name probably doesn’t ring a bell right now.. 

We were able to speak with Alexis about the release of his new song ‘Dirty Love’ and learn a bit about his intentions and background as a musician. Recording dreamy vocal melodies in his studio, which were expertly done to a high-fi standard, as well as long late-night zoom calls with producers in Dubai, account for just a glimpse into the determination and passion the singer/songwriter has shown.

As he works with producers that have found themselves in the dazzling spotlights of VIVITI Music, Alexis notoriety is sure to grow even bigger with each new release.

All we need is love. This is Alexis Skizar. 


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