Ways to prevent burnout in tech, according to industry leader Sourced

November 29 07:30 2022
From providing flexibility to promoting self-care and building a supportive work culture, leading IT recruitment agency Sourced offers some practical approaches to keep burnout at bay.

Due to its increasing prevalence, burnout has taken centre stage in various workplace mental health initiatives — especially in the tech industry, which is known for having high levels of burnout due to its fast-paced environment and high turnover rate. Industry leader Sourced unveils ways to prevent burnout in tech. 

Although there is no single cause for the prevalence of burnout in the tech industry, various leading factors include insufficient rewards, heavy workload and working hours, insufficient control over work, inadequate support from management, and unfair treatment.

According to Sourced, understanding the effects of excessive stress and looking at employee health and well-being are the ultimate starting points for tackling tech industry burnout. 

Burnout can increase absenteeism, reduce productivity and affect staff retention, so there are reasons to make sure it doesn’t take hold among the team.

One of the ways to address this is by talking to employees privately. Some workers do not feel comfortable opening up in a group setting, so scheduling regular catch-ups with every team member is a better way to check on them and learn more about issues they might be having.

Bosses have to make it clear to employees they are willing to listen and provide assistance if they are facing challenges. Since burnout can be caused by problems at home and not just work, asking open-ended questions can help bosses avoid making assumptions.

Tech industry employers can also provide more flexibility. Company policies that enable flexible working hours and locations can play a significant role in combatting burnout in tech. Although some workplaces have less leeway on flexible work hours, looking for ways to be more flexible with schedules is usually possible. 

Offering workers options to work in-office, remotely, or both also serves as an excellent way to keep burnout at bay. Workers can enjoy the benefits of changing up their work environment, decreasing commuting time and balancing commitments at home and work. 

According to Sourced, it is also crucial to build a supportive work culture. While a crazy workload is unavoidable, it is always wise to pause and reflect when it becomes the norm. If workloads are untenable, this might be a sign to either hire more workers, redistribute tasks, outsource a function or adjust KPIs.

Another key way to combat tech industry burnout is promoting self-care. Employers can motivate team members to take regular breaks during the workday and to go on vacations instead of allowing holiday leave to accumulate. Giving some ‘mental health day’ every now and then is key to combat stress. 

Sourced is a specialist IT recruitment agency that provides a complete approach to the hiring or job-seeking process. It is composed of recruitment experts and subject matter specialists who cover IT recruitment and have an extensive network of IT contractors across the full technological spectrum, including support services and specialist engineering.

Those looking for tech talent to drive their business may learn more about Sourced by visiting its website at https://sourced.nz/ or following its social channels for more information.

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