Attract top talent with great recruitment videos: MultiVision Digital discusses the impact of video marketing.

November 29 20:13 2022
Video continues to gain ground over other content formats leaving employers with less than a minute to create a strong impression on applicants. Recruitment video marketing helps businesses optimize every stage of the recruitment funnel to attract top talent.

Content creation and marketing are necessary in today’s digital world, and video content is quickly emerging as king for all types of content. It is estimated that at least 80% of all web traffic is now video. This massive growth of video content has had a significant impact on many industries, including recruitment. Recruitment agencies need to lean into the video-dominated space to get more leads.

The growing dominance of video content across the web is largely attributed to Millennial and Gen Z content consumers. Billions of content forms are shared online every day, and people want to get the gist of everything as it happens. This has led to the need for content to be compressed into short, snackable snippets that cater to the needs of consumers. Millennials and Gen Z are notorious for skipping through content if it doesn’t get the message across within a minute or less. Studies have revealed that younger candidates are much more likely to watch a video than read a job description.

According to MultiVision Digital, video marketing for recruitment is an effective way to engage top talent in these two generations and make them part of the process. Video recruitment allows businesses to keep their messaging fresh and engage with no limit on the number of videos they produce.

MultiVision Digital shares that great recruitment videos are more effective than any other job posting. As the world becomes more digitally dominated, what people look for in jobs has changed. Unlike traditional job postings where the candidates needed to sell themselves to employers, the tables have turned. Now, employers need to humanize their company and sell their work culture to applicants. With video content, employers get to show the candidates what the company offers and share engaging stories that give applicants an insightful insider view of what the company is like. MultiVision Digital shares that this connection is something that even the best-written job description would not encapsulate.

MultiVision Digital is a video content marketing company that provides quality video production services to clients. MultiVision Digital offers various types of videos for various marketing needs at reliable and affordable costs. The digital company reaffirms that investing in video content creation should not break the bank. As an experienced and established video content marketing company, MultiVision Digital helps companies create impactful videos for recruiting top talent. These recruitment marketing videos optimize a brand’s recruitment funnel and assist companies in attracting suitable candidates in a tight hiring environment. 

Given the growing power of video marketing, it is no surprise that companies are turning to video content for their recruitment marketing strategies. Integrating video marketing into recruiting strategies has proven effective across the board. It helps companies build their reputations and create emotional connections with applicants.

About MultiVision Digital:

MultiVision Digital is a renowned video content marketing firm established in 2011. Since its launch, the company has built a team of professionals who help clients with video marketing strategies, production, and distribution. MultiVision Digital has worked with global multinational firms and solo entrepreneurs across industries to provide video content that helps clients plan and communicate their messages.

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