Shahak’s Avni insights on how investors can benefit a business

December 08 21:03 2022
Shahak Avni is sharing the most important lesson from investors investing in businesses.

Many people look at the big picture that an investor only helps a business by offering a supply of funds. While it is true, that’s not the only way they benefit a business. There are certain other factors too in which their collaboration proves to be advantageous for the business.

From building successful businesses to serving those in need, Avraham Shahak Avni dedicates himself not only to managing companies but also to his social impact on communities around the world that suffer from poverty or neglect. Starting in the intelligence field, he became a serial entrepreneur and major investor in start-up companies, providing new entrepreneurs with opportunities to achieve their dreams.

By offering financial supply an investor not only gives money for capital and other business expenditure. Rather than money also helps to enhance the financial rating of that business. A business might need money to get a business loan approved, or to show as a guarantee to a supplier.

Most investors have connections to other major stakeholders and parties in the business world. Due to their resources and prior business experience they might know a network of people who an entrepreneur can’t even reach. Investors can surely link you to those connections that can help your business grow. Such connections and references are quite important in the business world to grow and get good deals.

Also, if people know that a renowned and experienced investor is investing in your business then it enhances their confidence in your business. Stakeholders and other parties become confident that there is some potential in your business that made the investor invest in your business in the first place. They also think highly of your abilities and talent that you must be capable enough to captivate the attention of such an esteemed investor. This enhances their confidence in your business strategies, business ideologies, and product/service offering.

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