Ivo Malinkovski advise on wine labels and packaging

December 08 21:06 2022
Ivo explains on how to decide on wine labels and packaging

Whilst choosing elements for a wine label, deciding on the proper facestock will show a powerfully conveyed logo vision, and the finest overall performance of the intended surroundings will be more attractive for the customization choices. The label is not just a logo, but it can describe the value contained in it so that customers don’t easily forget it. So, how to choose the best wine labels and packaging?

Classic and Customizable

A wine label with a traditional option will be a good idea with a paper facestock. It will evoke a natural look, classic, and harmony in the brand. In this case, you can choose paper with a rough, linen type papaer, paper with a velvety eel, and organic texture. If you prefer facestock wine labels, then you can add shine with foil stamping, create texture and depth with an emboss, highlight your logo with a spot varnish, and protect the label with a mattem topcoat application.

Using Hybrid Facestocks for Ice Bucket Wines

A few bottles of wine need to resist wet environments and bloodless temperatures. If you deal with this wiine bottle, you need to choose a hybrid facestock in which you just put the paper on top and then put the film on the lowest. Make sure you protect the label.

However, when you deal with the hybrid facestock, you must spend more money because it has a tendency to be greater expensive and won’t keep elaborations as well as paper, but it’s miles the first-class fabric for wet and bloodless spots.

Wine Label with Film FaceStocks

For a swish and present-day take, just try the label with film facestock. It is known to be the best way to make a great label that looks so valuable for any usage. whilst movie labels are usually greater luxurious than their paper counterparts, they provide specific customization alternatives. If you deal with filmfacestock, you must Make a statement with metalized film facestocks and Go minimal with the “no label” look.

Understand the Bottle

Knowing your wine products will be so important when you select the label material, particularly the bottle. You should know the bottle and understand if it will give a big impact on your brand. You can see the brand Medovie which has a very attractive label.

An affordable wine bottle with a suggested seam, for an instance, would possibly compromise the ability of the label to adhere softly. Effectively you can match the hues of face stock and the bottle and ensure that the label design looks cool and seen.

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