Join Melody As She Learns How To Protect Humanity From The Unseen

December 09 14:15 2022

Out of all the chilling, eerie, and spine-tingling stories of monsters that come alive in the dead of night, vampire books are by far the most captivating. These creatures have intrigued readers for centuries because they can live forever – but not only that, they exude a certain allure, making the reader’s experience both deeply interesting and spine-chilling. To begin with, vampire-themed books are a fun way to pass the time. Beyond that, they also offer readers a glimpse into a dark and dangerous world where anything is possible.

The vampire trope has been used extensively in art and literature. Its enigmatic origins in classic narratives make it the perfect vehicle for exploring further mysteries of this character. A vampire is often portrayed as a blood-sucking creature of the night, but they can also be beautiful and charming.

The novel’s protagonist, Melody, must learn how to preserve humanity by dedicating her life to tracking down the Fallen and ending these calamities. Readers will be exposed to a brand-new, engrossing adult vampire tale with a compelling narrative and plot twists that satisfy their need to read an exciting, blood-lusting vampire tale.

We all make daily choices that subconsciously or consciously affect our day-to-day lives. Some of these choices are made in a split second, while others take more time to consider. When Melody learned that things like magic and vampires exist, she thought this world would force her into submission. However, she soon realizes that her choices still matter and that even the small ones have the potential to change the world. Follow her story in Ghost Beginnings to see how she navigates this new paranormal world.

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