Leading digital transformation agency, Black Bean Labs shares digital advertising guide for service businesses

December 12 16:12 2022
Black Bean Labs is a leading performance-focused digital advertising agency for service businesses.

A little-known fact to most marketers, marketing is different for products and services. One of the pitfalls most service businesses fall into is implementing marketing strategies meant for products. When selling a product, marketing campaigns revolve around highlighting the product’s benefits and the problem it is solving, executing this campaign, and then customers buy the product. According to Black Bean Labs, this process is slightly different for service business marketing.

Black Bean Labs is a digital advertising agency for service businesses. The agency shares that digital advertising for service businesses is often ineffective because the approach employed is not suited for service-based businesses. Rather than market product features, service businesses require the brand to market itself and its team’s ability to fulfill client needs. Black Bean Labs explains that service business marketing is a bit tougher because it relies on customer service, not spotlighting product specifications.

Service businesses work with intangibles which presents a buying risk for consumers. This makes it harder to market service businesses in the digital space. Black Bean Labs leverages digital advertising strategies like paid ads and social media to give service-based businesses the edge they need to succeed. Black Bean Labs serves businesses in cleaning, electrical, construction, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, solar and janitorial fields. Since online is the first go-to for most people needing services, these service-based businesses need professional advertising to reach their target audiences.

Black Bean Labs shares that every business must understand the consumer and work on marketing campaigns that make their businesses as appealing as possible. In Black Bean Lab’s guide to digital advertising for service businesses, the agency outlines:

–  Clearly define the service offered

Service-based businesses must be able to define the service they provide clearly. This is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their knowledge and authority to reel customers. Black Bean Labs uses this to help service businesses set client expectations from the get-go.

–  Compete based on the value

According to Black Bean Labs, digital advertising for service businesses must highlight the value proposition. What makes the business different from others competing in the same space? And while pricing is a factor, it is better to focus on showing clients how the service betters their lives rather than engage in price wars.

–  Make use of the digital space.

Besides social media, businesses can leverage a whole other world of advertising on digital platforms. Email marketing and getting featured in media and publications are also great ways to grow business reach. Black Bean Labs helps service businesses establish and leverage their online presence to gain a competitive edge. A digital presence creates a foundation that can be optimized through performance-focused digital advertising.

Black Bean Labs offers free marketing audits for service businesses and utilizes a professional approach to digital ads to trigger growth and conversions. Combining the agency’s context-driven solutions with its understanding of service business marketing helps reach the most relevant customers.

To learn more, visit Black Bean Labs.

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