The Queen BluePrint® Is Utilizing Her Knowledge And Expertise To Build Successful First-Time Homebuyers & Global Real Estate Investors

December 12 16:51 2022

Through education and empowerment, The Queen BluePrint® host of the Ready, Set, PURCHASE! Podcast is taking unsure newbie investors and building their confidence to be successful in Real Estate investment. Whether purchasing as a first-time homebuyer or a first-time investor, Queen can help.

Buying real estate has become something many are afraid to do or feel they’re unable to do. Without proper education on how to make this investment in their future, many pass up on the opportunity to do so out of uncertainty and worry.

The Queen BluePrint® wants to change this. Through education on purchasing an investment property first and primary second, she hopes to empower those new to Real Estate to move forward with confidence and the knowledge they need to be successful. Generational wealth is not only possible, but it is a real goal many can work towards with investments in real estate.

The Queen BluePrint®’s experiences and knowledge

Based out of NYC, Queen didn’t always have the knowledge and skill sets she has now. They were built up over time through experience and educating herself. As with many, Queen didn’t receive any insight into finances growing up. This soon showed itself as she found herself in over 50K debt that was overwhelming her, but this didn’t stop her.

Queen built herself back up, utilizing her Bachelor’s in psychology and spending years researching and teaching herself how to be financially responsible and savvy. With this hard work, she got herself out of debt in less than 3 years and 6 months after repayment purchased her first home at only 26!

From there, her success only grew. She now owns and manages an international short-term rental property in Kenya at age 30 and is sharing this hard-earned knowledge with anyone who needs her help.

She provides group financial therapy for those looking to purchase real estate. Her therapy takes into account the need for financial literacy and the emotional toll of making a commitment to such large debt.

Her Be Free University course is the ultimate guide to purchasing one’s first home in any market. She will even have a book coming out soon that provides the blueprint for different homeownership perspectives to build generational wealth via Real Estate.


The Queen BluePrint® has an online LIVE first-time homebuyer course, group homeownership financial therapy sessions, and an international short term rental accelerator for anyone interested in getting into real estate. Queen worked hard to obtain this knowledge, and she’s now giving back by sharing the wealth mindset with the world.

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