Artist Jorn van Hoorn’s Brings New Meaning To Connection

December 12 19:27 2022
In this post-Covid period, humanity needs connection more than ever. Understanding each other, being one again together.

Connection is also the subject of the new bronze sculpture by the Dutch artist Jorn van Hoorn.

His new sculpture ‘Perfect Love’ consists of puzzle pieces that together form a golden heart. The different pieces are crooked, straight, large, and small, but every piece is indispensable. Together they form the basis for love and connection as a metaphor for understanding each other and coming closer together.

“Together, we are everything. Together we are one. Together we are shiny love.”

“The first reactions of the visitors to the sculpture are heartwarming,” says Van Hoorn. “Some people get emotional and feel the pain, but in the end, it all comes together, and everyone leaves with a huge smile.” 

Jorn van Hoorn’s ascent into the art world

Jorn van Hoorn was born in 1982 and started painting in 1999. In the next few years, he evolved from a graduated Art student at Sint Lucas into a Pop Art sculptor. The shiny bronze polished statues find their way to international galleries, exhibitions, and even various celebrities’ homes. Van Hoorn spreads art and magic in Dubai, New York, Amsterdam, Reims, Geneva, and San Francisco.

Van Hoorn employs materials that work as a catalyst and fit with the speed of his thinking and working. A whirlwind, leaving behind a trail of paint, clay and bronze. He prefers producing sculptures about love, beauty and the evanescence.

Van Hoorn did his first solo exhibit when he was 19 years old at Galerie Kuijpers. Soon after he followed up with other expositions abroad and in The Netherlands. Amongst these was a museum exhibit at the Van Der Togt Museum in Amstelveen (2012).

In 2018, Van Hoorn won a Street Art Award (category: most inventive) and in addition he developed a unique art coin together with the son of Pablo Escobar.

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