AENC Will Launch an All-in-One Communication Device – UC Workstation in January 2023 (for Open office, Home Office, Call Center)

December 12 18:54 2022

December 12, 2022 – The world is advancing rapidly especially the technological development in the business sector. With hybrid working and remote working becoming the new norm for many businesses and users, new challenges have arisen. How we overcome these new challenges?  AENC Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.  does this.

AENC Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a technology and innovation-driven company, it specializes intelligent voice noise cancelling products and solution.  With the strong R&D ability, the company have been pursuing delivering the best microphone noise cancellation device to users at affordable prices. Their professional R&D team has decades of experience in noise cancellation field including cancellation algorithm (AEC), voiceprint recognition, beamforming, computational auditory scene analysis (CASA), and microphone array. 

This All-in-One Voice Device – UC Workstation is aimed to resolve the issues of communicators who work in Open office, Home office, Call Center. 

AENC Technology (Xiamen) Co. Ltd has a slogan, “To be heard more clearly”

Why UC Workstation is helpful for your communication? 

UC Workstation is an intelligent communicating device to make your communication more effective.  

When you talk to someone on softphones, you want to be heard clearly, you want to be understand clearly. What if you work in a noisy setting? This UC Workstation can help. It can block 96% of background noise, and makes you sounds clear and confident.

Are you overwhelmed by varied distractions when you need to concentrate without being interrupted? This UC Workstation can help. It can let people know you are available or not in a polite and effective way. 

Three main features of UC-Workstation will make your communication better  

  • Plug and Play

  • Double reminder for incoming calls

  • Excellent microphone noise cancellation effect

  • Broad compatibility with software and hardware

Three Amazing functions of UC Workstation you must know about 


Makes your working status visible 

The busylight changes its color based on your UC presence.  It shows your working status – let people know you are working on the phone in a polite and effective way. You can also change its color to red manually when you need to concentrate without being interrupted.

The light flashing tells you have an incoming call

With the design of light flash, you will be reminded that you have an incoming call. 


No missed call, No missed opportunity

The Smarting, built-in loudspeaker, makes you hear the rings when you take off your headset or leave your seat. You won’t miss any calls.

Manual control

You can also turn off the SMART RINGTONE manually if you want.


Shield 96% of background noise

With customized dual-core CPU and DSP voice processing chip, the UC Workstation has excellent microphone noise cancellation effect, it can shield more than 96% of background noise.

For more details about UC Workstation and other intelligence devices of AENC Technology

(Xiamen)Co., Ltd., please click the web below.

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