Khaled Almaleh Is An Award-Winning Producer, Actor, And Director With A Passion For Success And Entrepreneurship

December 13 00:39 2022
From film and tv to restaurants and real estate, Khaled Almaleh puts incredible amounts of dedication into every venture. He’s lived and learned all over the world, bringing that same dedication with him everywhere he goes.

Khaled Almaleh is a man who truly lives life to the fullest. He pursues every interest with an entrepreneurial spirit that can take any project and turn it into something remarkable.

Khaled Almaleh’s history and life

Born in Syria, Khaled grew up in Athens, Greece. When it was time for him to go to college, he selected Emerson College in Boston, adding the United States to the list of places he had lived. Now fluent in three languages, he earned his BA in film in 2000.

From there, he began to focus on building his acting and directing career in Greece and Syria. His directing work on music videos earned him Best Director at MAD TV, and his acting role in Bab Al-Hara 4 is what truly began to push him into the spotlight.

While still pursuing his own acting and directing jobs, Khaled took over the family-run production company, Sharma Productions and Distribution.

It isn’t just film that Khaled has found success in, although with more than 25 film and TV appearances as an actor, he’s certainly successful there. Now living in LA, Khaled is a real estate tycoon and restaurant owner. He owns and, for a time, was the executive chef at Kal’s Mediterranean Bistro, proving that he can find success in any venture he takes on. As an entrepreneur and film expert, Khaled is a shining example of excelling through determination.


Khaled moved to LA with the intent of focusing more on building his acting and directing experience in the American Hollywood market, just as he did in the Greek and Syrian film industries. He has now trained at The Acting Center in Hollywood to gain experience in American film styles. In the last few years of living in the US again, he’s continued to book acting and directing roles to keep his already impressive portfolio going.

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