Established Amid the Global Pandemic, E.O.U Ready Wear Thrives in the Casual Wear Industry with High-Quality, Original Apparel

December 13 13:54 2022
Established Amid the Global Pandemic, E.O.U Ready Wear Thrives in the Casual Wear Industry with High-Quality, Original Apparel

The Coronavirus global pandemic ravaged the world in unprecedented ways. Institutions and businesses suffered the brunt of the damages, causing many enterprises to incur huge amounts of losses as a result. At the time, establishing a business was considered to be a bold and brash move, but this did not stop passionate entrepreneur Chrissy Dixon from creating an online brand that would eventually flourish into a massive success today. That brand is none other than Eyes On U (E.O.U) Ready Wear. 

E.O.U Ready Wear is an online boutique that prominently features high-quality products ranging from casual wear to home decor and accessories. The company was initially conceptualized during the dreary days of the global pandemic when Chrissy Dixon utilized her untapped creativity to design original everyday clothing. Chrissy discovered that she had the ability to take everyday clothing and bring it to the next level. Thus, she established E.O.U Ready Wear to bring her designs to the general public.

Each piece of apparel in the E.O.U Ready Wear product line is meticulously designed for passionate artistic expression through fashion. E.O.U Ready Wear aims to make a bold statement to the world with a plethora of classic styles and modern colorways that are prominently displayed throughout its virtual store and some of its collections. The brand has a wide variety of apparel collections, but its top favorites are Love, Unity, Savage and Skulls.

The wide variety of high-quality products ranges from uniquely designed sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, shoes, blankets, and many more. Each E.O.U Ready Wear product utilizes original design concepts that cannot be found anywhere else. The exclusive and unique designs have captivated many customers all across the United States, as well as in UK, India, Jamaica, Canada, elevating the brand towards national recognition and bringing E.O.U Ready Wear to high-profile fashion shows and physical boutiques all over the nation. 

Founder Chrissy Dixon has worn many hats throughout her entire career, including with E.O.U Ready Wear. Building upon her creativity and artistic prowess, Chrissy has championed the role of a designer for digital marketing content and content management for many thriving companies before establishing her own brand. 

What makes E.O.U Ready Wear truly stand apart is the brand’s originality, which is rooted in a unique product-making process. Delivering an innovative take on daily casual wear, E.O.U Ready Wear utilizes innovative methods to enable high-quality sublimation printing. 

Overall, E.O.U Ready Wear has become a testament to Chrissy Dixon’s profound artistry in the world of fashion. As a prominent believer in creative expression, Chrissy has built a brand that manages to give a unique and vibrant twist to everyday casual wear without having to sacrifice quality and customer service. Giving a voice to the general population through eye-popping designs, E.O.U Ready Wear truly embodies the brand’s vision and identity, providing its customers with apparel that really captures the gaze of onlookers everywhere.

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