Renowned Web3 Influencer And GenGrowth Marketing Co-Founder @KevinWeb3 Spoke On A Panel During Malta’s AIBC Crypto Summit About Influencer Marketing

December 13 23:18 2022

He and fellow influencer Davinci Jeremie discussed strategies that can be used to succeed by leveraging influencer marketing.

Social media influencer and co-founder of influencer marketing agency GenGrowth, KevinWeb3, spoke on a panel about marketing and how to become an influencer marketer. He was joined on the panel by another major crypto influencer, Davinci Jeremie, who became famous for posting a YouTube video telling people to buy bitcoin in 2013. The event was hosted by Dr. Brandon Chicostky and took place at the Hilton hotel in Malta. During the panel, KevinWeb3 and Davinci discussed the different strategies that companies and influencers can use to run successful marketing campaigns and how to have a successful career as an influencer marketer. The influencer marketing industry is estimated to be worth over $16.4 billion, according to Oberlo, so the stakes are high. KevinWeb3 spoke about how he has to wear many hats to cater to different audiences and how all of his clients’ marketing campaigns are unique because they all have different goals. Given this variation in goals GenGrowth marketing uses a simple but effective four-step process to create the best marketing campaigns for all clients that adapts perfectly to the needs of their clients. Despite market conditions, GenGrowth Marketing has been able to provide its clients with successful, data-driven campaigns and continues to strive to be the best influencer marketing agency moving into 2023.

During the panel, Kevin and Davinci were asked about how brands can transition their audience from web2 to web3 concepts. Kevin talked about keeping things simple by creating easy-to-digest content and then building on it. Davinci Jeremie agreed, saying he always asks his personal cameraman if he has understood the video concepts and will redo the video from scratch if he hasn’t. Responding to a question about the importance of relationships with other influencers and how they could benefit their clients, Kevin said, “Every influencer is different, and for that reason, you cater to a different audience. For instance, I and Davinci are both in the crypto space, but he has a different audience than me, geographically or linguistically speaking. For that reason, collaborating on a marketing campaign with another influencer can be a great asset if done correctly. However, one thing among many you need to ensure is that the audiences don’t overlap too much because you don’t want to waste money. If I and Davinci have the same audience, it would be a waste of resources to use your marketing budget entirely on us both given that you could get more effective results by finding another influencer who has a different audience.” It is important to remember that marketing campaigns have limited funding and Kevin highlighted the importance of making everything count by not wasting marketing funds on overlapping audiences, which is something many people do not consider. In an interview after the panel, Kevin said, “No one would pay to put two billboard ads in the same room, so we apply the same principle by looking deeply into our influencers’ analytics to avoid wasting marketing funds.”

Being an influencer himself, KevinWeb3 spoke about the importance of a data-driven approach to influencer metrics and how it must be known and used to your advantage during a marketing campaign, “Our Marketing agency, GenGrowth, makes sure to know all KPIs.” GenGrowth is clearly a marketing agency that focuses on treating each marketing campaign like it is their own and with over 200+ clients in 2022 alone, their credibility has certainly grown rapidly. GenGrowth focuses on building an ecosystem that gives their clients not only the tools they need to succeed, but the roadmap and execution to get to the end of it. 

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