Paint With Number Customizes Kits With Customers’ Photos And Submissions

December 15 22:48 2022
With more than 1,000 paint by numbers kits and custom kits available, Paint with Number is the official store for all paint by numbers needs. Each kit includes everything needed to create a work of art with fun for all ages.

Paint by numbers is a great way to either begin an artistic hobby or start really honing art skills. This creative outlet involves a guided canvas with different shapes identified by a number. This number corresponds with a paint color. What appears as an abstract shape and color choice begins to take on the appearance of the selected image with light and dark, contrast, and shading, all coming together to form a beautiful painting. 

One doesn’t need to have any experience with painting or art to pick up this creative hobby. In fact, paint by numbers is an excellent way to begin learning the different aspects of painting and how to create beautiful canvases. 

Painting is a wonderful way to utilize creativity in a peaceful practice. Having the guidelines of the paint by numbers canvas makes it a completely stress-free way to relax and create. 

Paint with Number is the perfect brand to get started with. They not only have thousands of canvas options already prepared, but they also will take photos and create a kit out of them to make a custom work of art. 

Getting started with a kit from Paint with Number

Paint with Number first opened for business in 2020 with an online store loaded with kit options. Their paint by numbers kits come in three options; Simple 24 colors, Realistic 36 colors, and Lifelike 42 colors. Each of these types of kit has a different amount of detail with the number of colors utilized. Additional shading or contrast areas make the painting more lifelike and realistic with each level. 

Choose between beginner, intermediate, and advanced options to start a project that suits one’s individual needs. There are even options for children vs. Adults. The existing kits have a multitude of subject matter, such as nature, animals, famous artworks, and pop culture. 

Where Paint with Number really shows the range of their kits is with the custom kits. For a completely personalized piece of art, one can send in a picture of their choice. It could be a photo with important significance, like a baby’s first picture or an image of a beloved pet. Even something like a family photo or a picture of a sunrise. No matter what the subject matter, Paint with Number can take that photograph and turn it into a paint by numbers kit that includes everything one needs to make their work of art. 


Paint by numbers is a fun and creative hobby that is great for all ages and all levels of artistic abilities. Giving the gift of a hand-painted canvas or decorating one’s home with their own art is incredibly satisfying and gives a personal touch as no other art can.  

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