Financial Expert Doug Andrew, Author of The LASER Fund, Has Now Surpassed Over 20,000 Copies Sold

December 16 13:24 2022
Financial Expert Doug Andrew, Author of The LASER Fund, Has Now Surpassed Over 20,000 Copies Sold
Since June of 2022, the re-released and updated book has sold a staggering 4,100+ copies

Doug Andrew, the founder and CEO of 3 Dimensional Wealth, is excited to announce his book, The LASER Fund, has now sold over 20,000 copies, thanks in part to its updated re-release in June of 2022.

Andrew wrote The LASER Fund to help guide readers to diversifying and creating a foundation for a tax-free retirement, all while minimizing taxes and increasing net spendable dollars. Coining the acronym, ‘L.A.S.E.R.’, it stands for Liquid Assets Safely Earning Returns. He believes these are significant because they are what drive a strong financial vehicle.

“I have been dedicated to helping people minimize their taxes and empower their financial futures for nearly 50 years,” said Andrew. “Over that span, I have learned how to utilize sections of the Internal Revenue Code — sections that have been around for over 100 years — to help Americans achieve all of the above. At the end of the day, this financial vehicle is merely a properly-structured, max-funded, tax-advantaged insurance policy.”

The book has been hailed as a ‘miracle,’ ‘game-changer,’ and ‘lifesaver’, while providing advantages to readers like predictability, safety, liquidity, and ultimately makes tax-free wealth transfer possible. It offers strategies across legally reducing taxes, creating safe predictable rates of return that lock in market gains without added risk, multiplying one’s income so that a possible catastrophic market crash will never affect one’s current state or future, and creating an income and freedom that are both long-lasting and enjoyable.

Serving as an updated edition of 2017’s The LASER Fund, which Andrew co-wrote along with his sons, Emron and Aaron Andrew, it features updates on changes to the 7702 tax laws that essentially allow for cheaper costs and efficient policy performance by 33 percent, expanded tips on understanding indexing options for policies and much more. Since its re-release in June, 2022, the book has sold nearly 4,200 copies.

Andrew’s The LASER Fund is available for purchase on Amazon, or you can claim your free copy (just cover shipping) on his website at 

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Doug Andrew, Founder & CEO of 3 Dimensional Wealth, provides a holistic program that helps individuals and families create financial, foundational, and intellectual abundance. He has more than five decades of experience in the financial sector and is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. The radio and television personality also has a high-performing YouTube channel.

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