Joanna Hurley’s book ‘The Great Bednapping Mystery’ Brings The Significance of Quality Relationships Between Parents and Young Minds Under The Spotlight

December 19 21:21 2022
Joanna Hurley’s book ‘The Great Bednapping Mystery’ Brings The Significance of Quality Relationships Between Parents and Young Minds Under The Spotlight

Story time creates magic and meaningful relationships
Joanna Hurley continues her mission of stimulating quality relationships between parents and children with her recent release, ‘The Bednapping Mystery.’

Joanna Hurley continues to captivate young readers, parents, and teachers alike with The Great Bednapping Mystery, the second story in The Zoey and Arthur Adventure Series (chapter books, ages 5-11).

Joanna is an international #1 Best-Selling Author and children’s learning advocate. With Joanna Hurley, a maverick attorney, at the helm, the stories in this adventure series are fun and wacky but also use a teaching tool, KidQuest, to aid kids and parents. The tool allows parents to monitor their children’s reading comprehension level, discuss complex themes and learn more about their developing children. 

The parent of a 7-year-old says the reason to read this book series is simple: “These are not your typical children’s books. Joanna’s teaching tool is a wonderful way for parents to have discussions that help them learn more about their child and provides the perfect opportunity for parents to share with their children the traits and values they ultimately desire for them.”

The Great Bednapping Mystery features an eight-year-old girl, a new school, a magical neighbor, and quests to help a kidnapped friend and a failing circus. Zoey has no friends in her new school. She hadn’t needed them while living with her grandparents, but now in her new town, she struggles to relate to her schoolmates because she feels different.  In this continuing look into Zoey’s life and adventures, she progresses in learning what it takes to be a friend and discovers new things about herself as she helps a new friend and a circus in crisis. The book is available on Amazon and at local bookstores.

For parents, KidQuest provides a solution to today’s parenting challenge, lack of time. A French parent shares that he spends limited time with his children because of his long hours and is tired at the end of the day. At story time, “Your books do the job. I don’t need to think. We can read a chapter and then use the questions provided, to talk about the situations raised in the story. Reading the book was a great experience,” he continues, as “it produced a very special discussion with my son.” The parent notes that he was surprised to see the KidQuest questions, but his son loved them and smiled while answering each.

An American second-grade teacher’s review strongly suggests adding this book to every child’s collection, “Zoey is very relatable in this enchanting sequel, where she explains her struggles in easy-to-understand ways.” She adds that The Great Bednapping Mystery also helps kids recall facts and learn critical thinking. Both are essential elementary school skill sets.

A 7-year-old Canadian – American boy reports, “Mom and I talked about the difficulties of making friends. I want to read the next story when it’s ready.” Two Oklahoma readers proclaim the series a success. Kylee, eight years old, loves Zoey’s adventures, while Charlotte, also eight years old, loves the “weird” and wacky characters. 

Joanna was born in Minnesota and raised in Michigan. She practiced law in Illinois for many years and currently resides in Oklahoma after living in France for over six years.

Joanna is available for interviews and events. To discuss availability, Joanna can be reached  at [email protected], by telephone at 405 535 6524, or through her website:

The Zoey and Arthur adventure series is published by The DP Group, LLC.

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