“Be The Change in Your Marriage” Coaching by Summer Cox help protect marriages around the worldwide

December 19 20:52 2022

Twenty years ago, Summer Cox found herself in a situation that was all too common: she was bound to a challenging marriage and felt alone, unheard, and unappreciated. She started to feel trapped and despondent, even though her main concern was for the children engaged in this marriage.

But Summer decided to take matters into her own hands rather than accepting guilt and experiencing further heartache. She committed her time to learn about many facets of mindfulness, spirituality, and psychology. She also examined her thoughts and practiced meditation and prayer for countless hours.

Coaching helps married couples to take time apart from their hectic schedules and be together to genuinely center themselves. The counselor helps the spouses have a productive and healthy conversation by serving as a sort of mediator between them. It is especially beneficial for couples who are determined to strengthen their bonds but are unsure of how to proceed.

The counselor can assist in analyzing the couples’ behavioral patterns to find conflict-prone ones. Once these patterns are recognized, the couple can try to change them with the counselor’s assistance. Summer Cox’s “Be the Change in Your Marriage” concept is introduced to fulfill this need.

As a result of her newly discovered spiritual practices and contemplative outlook, Summer discovered how to better understand how her spouse was experiencing their marriage and how she could present herself in their interactions in a different way. Her findings were so significant that she decided to pursue a master’s in marriage and family therapy so that she might assist others who were going through comparable difficulties. A communication model with four checkpoints and four objectives was also created by Summer Cox. This would later serve as the basis for the book “Be The Change in Your Marriage,” which was written to assist struggling couples much like her reclaim control of their unions.

Summer made the decision to develop a coaching program exclusively for women seeking to mend their relationships after being motivated by her success story and her desire to share what she had learned during this time with others. Now that she is changing families one wife at a time, Summer is fulfilling her life’s purpose! She has not only been able to impart the lessons she learned during those trying times, but she also gives back by offering qualified tools and guidance that can actually improve people’s lives. Summer is passionate about guiding people toward the ability they already possess to strengthen their bonds with their significant ones.

To learn more about Summer, her podcast, and her coaching, make sure to check out her website here: https://be-the-change-in-your-marriage.newzenler.com/

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