Find The Truth About Iranian’s Regime And Dark Times Forced Upon Iranians In Mim. A. Arbabi Book Destination Tehran

January 27 00:40 2023
Find The Truth About Iranian’s Regime And Dark Times Forced Upon Iranians In Mim. A. Arbabi Book Destination Tehran

When Khomeini took power after the Islamic Revolution, life suddenly changed for all Iranians. Under the guise of Islam, known to Iranians as a peaceful and spiritual religion, the country was suddenly driven into dark ages, and life was no longer the same. Women were forced into Hijab and pushed out of all positions of power. Many who chose not to comply with the morality police were charged with prostitution and imprisoned.

Destination Tehran will take the reader on a journey to Iran and life under the criminal regime of the mullahs.

This book will open up a window into the world of corruption and murder under the falsehood of religion in Iran. It will demonstrate the reality of life for millions of innocent people through the eyes of a brave Iranian woman who returns to Tehran to save her daughter from execution at the notorious Evin prison.

Destination Tehran is a story of despair, loss, and anguish but also hope, love, and triumph.

This book is a dedication to those who have fought for their right and continue to do so despite the menace of torture and death.

Deatination Tehran is now available on Amazon and will unveil a heartbreaking side of life for Iranians under the Islamic regime, particularly Iranian women.

Book Name: Destination Tehran

Book Description: After the passing of her mother, Roya, an expatriate Iranian, discovers that the stillborn child she bore during her teenage years is alive, left behind by her mother in the care of a servant as they fled Iran during the Islamic Revolution.Since Roya is the daughter of a famous general of the Shah executed by the Islamic government, returning to Iran is dangerous for her, yet when she learns that her now-pregnant daughter is a convicted murderer awaiting execution, she must act.Destination Tehran is the story of Iranian women and their unimaginable lives under the Islamic regime in Iran.This republication is dedicated to the Iranians who have risen against the tyrannical regime of the murderous mullahs, and the young lives lost in the fight for liberty and basic human rights in Iran.

ISBN-13: 979-8373264747


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