Entertainment Exclusive: Actor Kyle Williams Confirms His Latest Film Roles

January 27 14:22 2023

Rising actor Kyle Williams’ latest roles are confirmed! Kyle Williams is an actor from Berkeley, California and currently resides in Venice Beach CA near the celeb hot spot, ‘Muscle Beach’. Since arriving in the LA-Area, Kyle has acted in a number of quality films, TV shows, and commercials. He is a talented actor known for his range and turning heads on all his performances. We have exclusive confirmation on rising star actor Kyle Williams latest film roles and more. Read further to find out the latest news.


Williams has confirmed a co-star role in a film called ‘Armoire’ written and directed by Jonathan Betzler who, along with the crew, did an excellent job of creating an optimal creative environment. In a recent interview, he described working on set as a ‘profound cathartic experience’.

“Expressing myself through the character helped me release some emotional blockages that manifested during a challenging breakup and allowed me to fulfill the truth of a man who too faces his biggest challenge in love and life. A character who feels misunderstood, helped me understand myself better.” – Kyle Williams

Williams also confirmed a lead role in a gritty realistic short drama film called ‘Beautiful Night’. He became a narcissistic drug induced abuser named Tyler, portraying the inhumane result of a specific toxic environment in Northern California called Clear Lake. Stay tuned as the writer/director Devin Negrete, a native of the area, is now putting it all together in post and will be ready to view by the end of 2022.

Make sure to be on the lookout for a high energy western production starring Actor Kyle Williams that is now complete! The western short is written and directed by Isacc Ipsen and called ‘Chasing Cargill’. More information on Kyle’s starring role will be released in the near future.

And lastly, Williams has confirmed a role as a former Irish boxer who must take a hard look at his past as he seeks redemption from the forces that robbed him and his family of their pride and glory. He’s thrilled to be in collaboration once again with writer/ director David Richardson III, after making it to the 2021 London Rocks film festival with their first project together.

In a recent interview, Actor Kyle Williams was asked about being on set and latest film projects. Williams said: “I am very excited for them all and grateful to be working with such passionate and talented directors and crews!”


Actor Kyle Williams is a graduate of CalState East Bay, where he earned a BS in Kinesiology. In 2017, he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a professional career in the film industry, and within weeks he instantly landed his first brand commercial. Kyle is most known for his improvisation techniques and is interested in playing a diverse spectrum of roles in film & TV. He continues to work closely with his coach and mentor Douglas Warhit and remains a constant contributor to Warhit’s advanced course. Follow actor Kyle Williams on his official sites below to keep up with the latest filmography and more.



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