Mitchell Universal Network, LLC Presents Turnkey Wellness Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Fitness Businesses

January 30 15:43 2023
Mitchell Universal Network, LLC Presents Turnkey Wellness Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Fitness Businesses
This company brings science-based products and services to health entrepreneurs who want to support their patients’ health goals and their practice’s revenue goals.

Today, healthcare professionals are finding their way to launch their private practice or business. Like other entrepreneurs, many of them face challenges along the way, which include helping people achieve health and wellness while hitting their sales goals.

Mitchell Universal Network, LLC understands the problems that hound health entrepreneurs in this economy. As a global product brokerage and Internet marketing company, the firm has worked with the best medical institutions, small to medium size business owners, and non-profit organizations to provide strategic partnerships, state-of-the-art technology, proven delivery systems, as well as first-in-class science and evidence-based products, made in America.

To help healthcare providers and fitness businesses in giving their patients only the best lifestyle aids around, Mitchell Universal Network introduces its turnkey wellness solutions. These solutions are ideal for health entrepreneurs who are the go-to experts for people leading healthy lives. People trust them first and foremost among other health-related sources.

“Surveys indicate that many patients would prefer to receive wellness information, products, and services from their own trusted health professional,” says Donna Mitchell, CEO, and Founder of Mitchell Universal Network.

Given this information, Mitchell believes that the need to empower these health entrepreneurs with the right tools like science-based products and services is high. “Patients deserve the best evidence-based products and services to meet their healthcare needs. In addition, science-based products and services are a better foundation for self-care and integrative patient protocols.”

As such, the company turned to offer advanced nutraceuticals, customized health solutions to these health entrepreneurs. These solutions provide revolutionary technology, wellness-based education systems, and trained implementation consultants. The brand also brings healthcare entrepreneurs customized wellness programs for the benefit of their patients and business.

The company has its own trained consultants who can impart their knowledge to the health entrepreneur and their staff. They also share resources for the smooth implementation of their products and programs. The consultants have undergone various corporate training to ensure the resources and knowledge they provide achieve financial success.

Mitchell has been at the forefront of the company to help health practitioners achieve their business goals. Armed with Fortune 100 experience, she’s highly skilled in managing a $7.2B client list, industry-level project management, & global cross-functional team performance.

Now, Mitchell wants to equip today’s health practitioners and entrepreneurs to become firmly prepared for any crisis, challenge, and cultural shift that come their way. Mitchell also contributes to the Board of Trustees and/or Board of Directors leadership positions at community non-profit organizations where she has lived. Her awareness of various cultures, societies, and diversity of thought was a product of her travels and life abroad, in Europe.

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About Mitchell Universal Network, LLC

Mitchell Universal Network, LLC is a global product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in business development and strategic planning. Its CEO and Founder Donna Mitchell is on a mission to help today’s health professionals empower their patients with science-based products and services while at the same time, achieving their business goals.

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