NeuroRelief™ Offers Innovative New Ketamine Treatment to Los Angeles Residents

January 30 16:40 2023
NeuroRelief™ Offers Innovative New Ketamine Treatment to Los Angeles Residents
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NeuroRelief™ Ketamine & Infusion Therapy is a specialized clinic in Sherman Oaks, CA that focuses on customized solutions for treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, and substance abuse recovery. Each treatment program includes ketamine infusions, combined with Certified Psychedelic Integration & Recovery Coaching, 24/7 access directly to the treating physician, and daily CBT and Mindfulness exercises. This integrative technique is truly unique, even among other providers in the ketamine or psychedelic medicine space.

NeuroRelief’s founder and Medical Director, Austin Harris, MD, is a board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist with a background in psychology. His clinical team assists each individual client on a personal journey of neurologic and psychologic healing. Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic with a 60-year safety profile. A multitude of scientific studies demonstrate its ability to improve mood disorders, relieve chronic pain, and regenerate healthy reward instincts lost after substance/alcohol abuse. Ketamine infusion therapy works by resetting and restarting innate neurologic mechanisms in our brain and body that promote healing and new growth of nerve pathways.

But NeuroRelief™ is so much more than just another ketamine clinic. Ketamine infusions are a phenomenal tool, but the ketamine is only part of the recovery system at NeuroRelief™. Personalized strategies, designed around each patient, with hours of attention to detail, help clients to evolve new coping skills, and achieve unburdening and resolution of past emotional conflicts. As Dr. Harris says, “Ketamine re-recruits the ‘workers’ that build our neurologic roads, but we also need to then focus these workers on which new roads we want to build.”

According to Dr. Harris, “Our goal is help people learn how to ‘fish’ for themselves, so that they can feed themselves for life. These processes are deeply personal, as they should be. We focus on meeting the clients where they are. Then, through continuous support, guidance, and advice we serve an integral part of their personal journey of growth, healing, and achievement of optimal reward from daily experiences.”

Dr. Harris founded NeuroRelief™ Ketamine after 13 years utilizing ketamine as a tool for good. At NeuroRelief™. There are several different treatment protocols for different clients, for different purposes, using evidence-based medicine, combined with clinical experience. Each program starts with phone consultations and then a 2-hour consultation directly with Dr. Harris, followed by at least 6 treatment visits, usually over a couple of weeks. The CBT exercises, mindfulness meditation training, and Certified Integration Coaching is continuous throughout this treatment process.

Though not a psychotherapist, Dr. Harris refers to his role, in addition to anesthesiologist, as “an experienced guide.” He describes how, “Learning about each client’s life-structure and experiences helps us to be the best guides possible for each individual, and to tailor the treatment program towards accomplishing the personal goals of that particular client.” Dr. Harris stated that, “At NeuroRelief, we feel blessed and grateful to be able to practice medicine in this way. Our relationship with each client brings an inherent and sublimating reward for our whole team; truly a win-win.”

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