Montage Of A Mauve Reality, A Remarkable Book That Is A Voyage Into The Psyche

February 01 00:40 2023

A study of the human condition, from surreal and beautiful to the darkness of self-loathing and regret, the old chestnut of greed and selfishness; the human connection; childhood; the ability to dream, and the little mysteries we are prone to; the trials and tribulation of so-called intelligent creatures.

A Montage of Mauve Reality by Thomas Taylor is a collection of eighteen short stories. Each short story is set in a unique and intriguing premise. The characters and their behaviors are relatable to the reader as much as their situations. The readers are invited to witness an event from their lives. Through this sneak peek, they can assess how and why they are trapped in the situation.

The author touches so many unusual and least explored subjects through the set of short stories. He sheds light on the life of less privileged and upper-class lives alike. The reader can find this trait of diversity from the first story, “6:30 A.M.”, to the last one, “Somewhere to Call Home”. The author gives much importance to the emotional dilemmas of the characters.

Their thoughts, involuntary actions, destructive behaviors, and strained relationships are portrayed very accurately. This creates depth to the characters and makes them more real-like.”

Most of the stories open up with a detailed description of the surroundings the characters are in. This way, the author vividly and accurately scripts the scene into the reader’s imagination. One of the best examples of this exemplary skill is in the story “Mauve.” Along with this, the author adds some twists and a touch of humor toward the end. That’s how he crafts a fantastic story!

The book reviews also speak for themselves:

“The stories are undoubtedly very well-written. The author has an exceptionally good command of the language.”

“The author creates mystery and suspicion from the beginning itself. The suspense compounds as the story progresses. This is definitely a great piece of art.”

“I live life the way I see fit, without bending to the convention unless that convention makes sense and is just. I watch human progress with curiosity, interest and trepidation, wondering how this “brave new world” in front of us will affect us as people, and I’m not entirely pleased with where I see all this going.”

– Thomas James Tylor.

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