Birmingham Physical Therapy at FortitudeRx Helps Active Adults and Athletes Overcome Injury and Regain Strength Without Surgery or Medications

February 01 10:03 2023
FortitudeRx works with clients who wish to regain or maintain strength and an active lifestyle. Its premium hybrid rehab services blend in-person and remote treatment with coaching to ensure optimized outcomes without surgery, injection, or medication.

According to announcements released by FortitudeRx and Tyler Campbell, this Birmingham physical therapy center specializes in helping clients develop peak physical performance, improve mobility, reduce chances of injury, and develop the mental resilience necessary for meeting health goals. The Doctor of Physical Therapy at this clinic is also a strength and conditioning coach and nutrition expert. 

FortitudeRx implements a result-oriented 4-step process – Elite Total Health Optimization System (ETHOS). It stresses clients’ results over everything else and prepares custom plans as per an individual’s age and health. Restoration is the first phase of this process, and it involves evaluating a client’s goals using a biopsychosocial model of health and fitness.

The physical therapist at this clinic works with clients to improve movement, metabolism, and athleticism. 

Clients are then eased into the resilience phase, where their foundational mobility, strength, and health issues are worked on. This enables clients to get back to activity faster after injury or sickness. 

FortitudeRx ensures that clients can sustain the momentum achieved based on strength and fitness. It charts and executes a plan with the client that does not overwhelm the practitioner, maximizes results, and builds confidence. 

By stimulating purpose-driven actions, this physical therapy clinic introduces passion and an achiever’s mindset in clients who look forward to the constant small wins they experience under the guidance of the experts at the clinic.

FortitudeRx approaches every assignment with clients to maximize their potential. Clients are taught to preserve and build on the strength gains without constant hard work. 

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Tyler Campbell of FortitudeRx said, “FortitudeRx is a performance-focused health and wellness company providing rehab, health coaching, and performance coaching services to the world online and in-person in Birmingham, AL. Our focus is improving the lives of our clients through improvements in pain-free mobility, strength, athleticism, body composition, mindset, and more.

We work with active adults and athletes to optimize your efforts towards your goals because our success lies in our number one goal: Your Success. FortitudeRx provides exclusively 1:1 treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy dedicated to creating a specific personalized plan of care that drastically reduces the time cost, practically guarantees success, and improves long-term outcomes.

We focus on evidence-based medicine, which means minimal passive modalities with weak evidence and maximum focus on the things that will positively affect your outcomes. We have a limited number of spots available for each service we provide because we dedicate so much effort to seeing you succeed.

We are not constrained by insurance that would otherwise dictate how we spend the time. We primarily help active adults and athletes looking for significant improvements in their health, confidence, body composition, energy, athleticism, strength, and general fitness and resilience.

Headed by FortitudeRx’s world-class powerlifting coach, Les Keyes, we provide elite strength coaching to competitive powerlifters and recreational lifters.

We provide comprehensive performance coaching in the areas of strength, nutrition, and rehab to our athletes to ensure they feel awesome during training and perform at their peak on the platform. We have unique systems for all levels of lifters. Regardless of age, size, gender, or experience, we can get you stronger than ever.”

About the Company:

FortitudeRx offers rehab, fitness, and strength training services tailored to help clients meet different health objectives. The 1:1 sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy involve hands-on care using science-backed methods. It also offers elite strength coaching to competitive and recreational powerlifters.

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