Silk pajamas that people can’t let go of once they use them

February 06 12:10 2023

Silk is the witness of a woman’s growth: With a certain financial ability, the aesthetics become more advanced, and people really start to love themselves and know where to spend their money.To a certain extent, when people praise the high quality of silk, they are actually boasting the pride, independence and sobriety of the women who wear it.The silk protein on the outside of silk contains a substance called “hydrophilic side chain amino acid”, which can absorb the sweat emitted by the human body and keep it dry and breathable. Girls who love to sweat and are afraid of heat in summer can ‘t give up after experiencing it once. It also has a natural anti-mite and anti-bacterial effect. It is obviously not a skin care product, but it has the effect of nourishing the skin. The body is smooth, smooth and tender, just like applying body lotion.Speaking of this, I have to mention the hypoallergenicity of silk. If girls with sensitive skin replace the pillow cover with silk, it will also reduce the skin condition of allergies, redness, and acne.

The silk headband that doesn’t scratch the scalp looks good just by pulling it casually

But probably every girl has gone through the “cheap hair rope stage”. Buying a big push, tying her hair to the scalp hurts, and after using it, there are a lot of broken hair wrapped around it, and the last one is thrown away. There are not a few left (the key would tear their hair out). Long hair that has been worked so hard and spent a lot of money on maintenance cannot be defeated by hair rings.

High quality 22 momme Shiny Silk Scrunchies Luxury  6 A Silk hair elastics Scrunchy主图

A less expensive mulberry silk scrunchie will really have a very different experience: a low ponytail ball head…even looks good when people wear it casually. The hair is very gentle when it is tied up, and it is super silky when it is put down. The curly hair does not pull the hair, and the straight hair is still like a waterfall without embarrassing strangle marks. The advantages of silk can be explained by the hair itself. When not in use, wear the pure silk hair band on their hand, which looks gentle and soft.

The silk eye mask with its own healing power will surely sleep well tonight

Sober girls know that the best skin care products are not staying up late and high-quality sleep. A natural silk eye mask can turn a light sleeper girl who has trouble falling asleep into a real Sleeping Beauty. It’s really not too comfortable to use silk as an eye mask. It soothes tired eyes with refreshing and silky smoothness. That kind of touch is beyond the reach of the skin of our hands. And don’t they think silk has its own healing power? The moment I wear it on my head , I feel that I must have a good sleep tonight. It is a very magical psychological hint, which makes people relax completely.


The silk pillow cover that can skin care, people can’t give up after using it

We apply all kinds of skin care products every day, in order to prevent acne on the skin, to combat various small fine lines, and to make the skin whiter and tenderer, but have them ever thought that their pillow cover is not helping? the skin rubs against the pillow cover, invisible skin debris, hair loss, sweat stains, plus the dark and humid air environment, and untimely changing and washing, then this environment is the favorite of mites and mold.wonderful mulberry silk pillowcases are still made of 100% natural mulberry silk, which is naturally antibacterial.​6A grade 100% mulberry silk, uses “physical nourishment” to moisturize the skin and make the hair soft, suitable for girls with dry skin and rough and fragile hair. It is also a pillow cover that they can take away when they are on a business trip. It can be put into a storage box once rolled up, which is easy to carry and store.

soft satin Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold with Elastic Strap Soft Eye Cover Eyeshade for Night Sleeping Embroidery logo

Elegant and comfortable silk pajamas are the best home decoration

A high-end and pure silk pajamas are either the last step in the advancement of silk, or the first step into the pit of silk—people who really love silk often reach the goal in one step.Especially now, in the era of working from home, a silk pajamas are so comfortable that they don’t want to take them off all day. People don’t have to panic when people face a sudden video conference. Wearing pajamas outside has long been a fashion. Clean their hair and put on lipstick, put on a suit, still elegant and capable. Pajamas are the ultimate “work from home attire”. It perfectly interprets what is the “Athflow” style, it can work decently, do yoga without changing a set of clothes, and can comfortably lie on the sofa and get into the bed.wonderful mulberry silk sleepwear, in addition to the classic dark blue, also brings a large wave of beautiful colors, making the days at home light and bright. 22 momme silk, so comfortable that they don’t want to take it off. The neckline is a classic lapel design, which gently modifies the face shape. If they look closely at the cuffs, they are slightly lifted up, a little playful.

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